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Henry Cow

Box 2: The Road: Volumes 6-10 with DVD

Henry Cow: Box 2: The Road: Volumes 6-10 with DVD (Recommended Records)

Henry Cow's early years on the road, live recordings masterfully restored by Bob Drake, including the only known video of Henry Cow in Switzerland - amazing and essential!

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DVD: NTSC, All regions

UPC: 752725026321

Label: Recommended Records
Squidco Product Code: 11113

Format: BOX SET
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Box Set


Fred Frith

Tim Hodgkinson

Chris Cutler

John Greaves

Lindsay Cooper

Dagmar Krause

Georgie Born

Geoff Leigh


Anne Bakker-Marie Roelofs

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The 4 full-length CD's + 1 DVD in Box 2 cover the Cow's career from roughly 1976 to the band's demise, with an emphasis on the later era. Nobody knew that this 75-minute concert broadcast of the band existed, so the DVD is a real boon, and has spectacular versions of "Beautiful As The Moon", "Living In The Heart Of The Beast", "March", "Erk Gah", "No More Songs" and a great, improvisational piece. The music discs are also excellent, and include as highlights the original version of "Joan", as well as a 12 minute, hitherto unreleased piece by Lindsay Cooper, and great versions of "Erk Gah and "Viva Pa Ubu". There's also some immaculate improvising, including a 17 minute foray from the original RIO Festival, and Fred's "Waking Against Sleep" from the Western Culture sessions - and all that's just the tip of the iceberg. The hefty, 60-page booklet is chock-full of historic information and exclusive photos. And everything has been carefully transferred and re-mastered by Bob Drake to the best audio quality that current technology allows without interference or tampering."-ReR

DVD: NTSC, All regions

Artist Biographies

"Sally Ann McIntyre was born in Hobart, and currently resides in Dunedin. Her creative practice is highly responsive to place, and includes sound art, the creative use of radio, and the the use of field recordings, as well as a concurrent practice in poetry and associated forms of writing.

A major platform for her artistic output since 2006 has been a hand-made narrowcast radio station named radio cegeste, a nomadic performance and recording project which broadcasts within a small radius to any locality on the frequency 104.5FM. Lo-fi, site-specific technological interventions into the soundscapes of various places and ecologies are often conceived as exploratory inter-species collaborations, for which she acts as curator and operator, destabilising the notion of one-to-many broadcast, and associated forms of control and authorship within the medium. Soundscapes recorded on site are layered back into the environment with historic field recordings on 78rpm and other media, problematising the immediacy of listening, and asking questions about its historicisation.

radio cegeste has released material on the labels winds measure, Consumer Waste, and/Oar, Idealstate, Flaming Pines, and Gruenrekorder. Sally's sound work also includes ongoing research into the materiality of recorded silence, the history of birdsong transcription, and the hauntology of extinction as a trace within sound archives, including the use of pre-electrical sonic inscription and playback mechanisms, such as gramophones, phonographic wax cylinders and music boxes, to bring extinct birdsong back to audibility. Projects have been exhibited in galleries and project spaces in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the U.S.

Her critical practice spans radio documentary, critical writing, and curatorial and organisational work. She has written for Flash Art International, Art Asia Pacific, and other print media, and since 2009 has been involved as an Australasian curator for the international Radia network, which is a curatorial platform for peer-to-peer experimental radio art, commissioning many new works from sound and radio artists in the region. Her interests include environmental history, post-humanism, the history of museums, ethno-ornithology, island ecologies, avian electomagnetic navigation, obsolete technologies, the poetics of erasure and the trace, the possiblity of locality within the globalised, and the cultural and historical situatedness of listening."

-Audible Women (

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Track Listing:

Disc 6: Stockholm & Goteborg

Stockholm 1 6:38

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 3:29

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 2:55

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 2:27

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 6:17

Erk Gah (aka Hold to the Zero Burn) 1:59

A Bridge to Ruins 5:08

Ottawa Song 3:28

Goteborg 1 6:07

Goteborg 1 8:20

Goteborg 1 2:27

No More Songs 3:36

Stockholm 2 6:14

The March 4:15

Disc 7: Later and post-Virgin

Joan (Cutler/Frith) 5:30

Teenbeat 2 (Frith) 8:06

Would you Prefer us to Lie? (Cutler/Greaves) 4:29

Untitled Piece (Cooper) 11:32

Chaumont 1 (Born/Cooper/Cutler/Frith/Hodgkinson) 9:01

Chaumont 2 (Cooper/Hodgkinson) 2:15

March (Frith) 7:01

Brain Storm Over Barnsley (Frith) 3:24

Teenbeat 3 (Frith) 6:46

Post-teen Auditorium Invasion (Cooper/Hodgkinson/Leigh/Roelofs) 3:57

Bucket Waltz (Born/Cooper/Cutler/Frith/Hodgkinson/Leigh/Roelofs) 4:26

On Suicide (Brecht/Eisler) 3:43

Disc 8: Bremen

Armed Maniac/Things we Forgot 11:55

New Suite; Van Fleet 1:49

Viva Pa Ubu Instrumental Extract 4:35

The Big Tune Begins 0:45

The Big Tune Continues 2:12

The Big Tune Ends 1:31

March 3:47

Der Kunst Der Orgel; Bremen 9:41

Bremen 6:20

Bremen 4:41

Bremen 10:10

Erk Gah Instrumental Extract 3:37

Erk Gah Instrumental Extract 5:15

Erk Gah Instrumental Extract 7:50

Disc 9: Late

Joy of Sax 3:51

Jackie-Ing 1:16

Untitled 2 1:33

The Herring People 2:08

Rio - I 6:05

Rio - II 4:25

Rio - III 4:14

Rio - IV 2:26

Half The Sky 5:05

VirginsIllinios 2:13

Viva Pa Ubu 2:19

Disc 10: DVD - Vevey 1976

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