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Fields, Scott: drawings (Creative Sources)

A series of brief guitar improvisations based on the visual art of Thomas Hornung, who creates chalk artwork that usually takes less than 1 minute to create.

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Scott Fields-electric guitar

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The enhanced CD contains a studio performance of the composition "Drawings", a 55 minute mpeg file of ArnoOehri's video "301Miniaturen".

UPC: 5609063401301

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs130
Squidco Product Code: 10431

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2008
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded April 27, 2006 live at The Loft, Cologne, Germany.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

A series of brief guitar improvisations based on the visual art of Thomas Hornung, who creates chalk artwork that usually takes less than 1 minute to create. Intrigued by his unusual approach to drawing, Fields developed a method to convert 171 of Hornung's pieces into a multi-page graphic score by making a matrix of pitch rows and numbers that represent playing techniques. This CD also contains an mpeg 55 minute video of Arno Oehri's video of Fields performing "Drawings" live.

Scott Fields was born in Chicago and lived in Chicago Heights until he turned 14, when he ran away from home. For a while he panhandled and worked as a spotter for drug dealers in the Hyde Park neighborhood (where the AACM flowered) on the South Side, where he first learned guitar, sitting in the wings of the Regal Theater and listening to blues musicians on Maxwell Street, while earning pocket change by stealing hubcaps from tourists' cars and then selling them back as identical replacements. He now lives in Cologne, Germany, and has worked with Elliot Sharp, Guillermo Gregorio, John Hollenbeck, Matthias Schubert, Thomas Lehn, Michael Zerang, &c. &c.

The enhanced CD contains a studio performance of the composition "Drawings", a 55 minute mpeg file of ArnoOehri's video "301Miniaturen".

Artist Biographies

"Scott Fields (born September 30, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois) is a guitarist, composer, and bandleader. He is best known for his attempts to blend music that is composed and music that is written and for his modular pieces (see 48 Motives, 96 Gestures and "OZZO"). He works primarily in avant-garde jazz, experimental music, and contemporary classical music.

Fields was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He started as a self-taught rock musician but soon was influenced by the musicians of the Association for the Advancement for Creative Musicians (AACM), which was active in the Hyde Park neighborhood in which he grew up. Later he studied classical guitar, jazz guitar, music composition, and music theory. In 1973 Fields co-founded the avant-garde jazz trio Life Rhythms. When the group disbanded two years later, he played sporadically but soon was institutionalized for an extended period. He almost quit music until 1989.

Since then he has performed and composed actively. His ensembles and partnerships have included such musicians as Marilyn Crispell, Hamid Drake, John Hollenbeck, Joseph Jarman, Myra Melford, Jeff Parker, and Elliott Sharp."

-Wikipedia (

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Track Listing:

1. Track 01 0:31

2. Track 02 0:12

3. Track 03 0:18

4. Track 04 0:25

5. Track 05 0:31

6. Track 06 0:29

7. Track 07 0:25

8. Track 08 0:19

9. Track 09 0:23

10. Track 10 0:29

11. Track 11 0:44

12. Track 12 0:45

13. Track 13 0:26

14. Track 14 0:38

15. Track 15 0:12

16. Track 16 0:17

17. Track 17 0:22

18. Track 18 0:21

19. Track 19 0:30

20. Track 20 0:37

21. Track 21 0:40

22. Track 22 0:36

23. Track 23 0:33

24. Track 24 0:16

25. Track 25 0:27

26. Track 26 0:29

27. Track 27 0:24

28. Track 28 0:22

29. Track 29 0:46

30. Track 30 0:14

31. Track 31 0:18

32. Track 32 0:20

33. Track 33 0:13

34. Track 34 0:24

35. Track 35 0:21

36. Track 36 0:19

37. Track 37 0:49

38. Track 38 0:11

39. Track 39 0:40

40. Track 40 0:25

41. Track 41 0:25

42. Track 42 0:27

43. Track 43 0:29

44. Track 44 0:27

45. Track 45 0:08

46. Track 46 0:25

47. Track 47 0:33

48. Track 48 0:15

49. Track 49 0:24

50. Track 50 0:34

51. Track 51 0:24

52. Track 52 0:42

53. Track 53 0:49

54. Track 54 0:43

55. Track 55 0:30

56. Track 56 0:33

57. Track 57 0:21

58. Track 58 0:10

59. Track 59 0:20

60. Track 60 0:33

61. Track 61 0:09

62. Track 62 0:25

63. Track 63 1:00

64. Track 64 0:31

65. Track 65 0:23

66. Track 66 0:25

67. Track 67 0:17

68. Track 68 0:32

69. Track 69 0:15

70. Track 70 0:20

71. Track 71 0:31

72. Track 72 0:32

73. Track 73 0:19

74. Track 74 0:15

75. Track 75 0:32

76. Track 76 0:36

77. Track 77 0:31

78. Track 78 0:24

79. Track 79 0:22

80. Track 80 0:29

81. Track 81 0:20

82. Track 82 0:14

83. Track 83 0:33

84. Track 84 0:56

85. Track 85 0:45

86. Track 86 0:57

87. Track 87 0:24

88. Track 88 0:34

89. Track 89 0:17

90. Track 90 0:39

91. Track 91 0:40

92. Track 92 0:38

93. Track 93 0:21

94. Track 94 0:58

95. Track 95 0:36

96. Track 96 0:37

97. Track 97 0:19

98. Track 98 0:50

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