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Schliemann, Wolfgang / Vorveld, Michael: alle neune: rheinländer partie (Creative Sources)


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product information:

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs089
Squidco Product Code: 8355

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2007
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded in Berlin on March 31 and April 1, 2005.


Wolfgang Schliemann-asorted percussion and found objects hit, bowed, scratched and thrown

Michael Vorveld-percussion and stringed instruments hit, bowed, scratched and plugged

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Artist Biographies:

"Born 1956 , working since 1978 as free-lancing percussionst on improvised / composed New "Music, sound art and performance. Activities in Germany and abroad.

Constant development of individual musical idioms.

Solo / duo / ensemble / orchestral work; Participation in projects based on intermediary concepts (dance / theater / fine arts etc), increasingly refering to space; Emphasis of synaesthetic impacts.

Co-founder of the Wiesbaden musicians'cooperative new jazz (1979), ARTist collective (1983), HumaNoise congress - Days of Contemporary Improvised Music (1987).

Current working and / or available projects are:

* AS?! - Wiesbaden improvisation ensemble (trio with Ulrich Phillipp, doublebass, electronics, Dirk Marwedel, saxophones)

* Ensemble 2 INCQ. (Chamber ensemble with Marianne Schuppe, singing, Ulrich Böttcher, electronics, Joachim Zoepf, Dirk Marwedel, reeds, Christoph Korn, Hans Tammen, guitars, electronics Georg Wolf, Ulrich Phillipp, doublebasses, Michael Vorfeld, percussions)

* Endorfine (duo with Fine Kwiatkowski, dance)

* AQT RZ (trio with Joachim Zoepf, saxophones, bassclarinet, Christoph Korn, guitar, electronics)

* Percussion etcetera (duo with Michael Vorfeld, percussion)

* Acoustic / material sound (performance ensemble with Franz Erhard Walther, Jens P. Carstensen, Jan PER Sunday)

Performances on festivals in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Copenhagen, Darmstadt, The Hague, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Linz, Ljubljana, Munich, Münster, Nancy (among others).

So worked with many players of the european improvisation scene in numerous ad hoc projects.


CD> 1991
CD> lanks
CD> congress
CD> should be run after twelfth
CD / MULTIPLE> Acoustic
CD> Exploration
CD> BACH 4/7
CD / brochure> # 7 / # 8 / # 9
CD> AQT RZ <(Ch. Korn / J. Zoepf) Improvisers' Series ONLY / NOT / ONLY / Berslton 199 01 05 1999

CD> tre pezzi per percussione spesso usate in maniera non convenzionale
Selected projects:

> Phenomenal ward
> Interior sound of the outer space - exterior of the interior
> Urbanoper Wiesbaden Summer <- one month of art in public space (1989)

> Stadtraumbespielungen <8 concerts in public spaces with Wiesbaden Improvisations Ensemble (1989)

> 27'10.554 for a percussionist 45 minutes for a speaker <(1990)

> (Con) sequences / mo (ve )ments
> Longstrings and percussion Unerhört
> Acoustic / material sound
> Endorfine
> Ensemble H "en silence"
> About: Shadows, Jumping
> Ensemble H "2 INCQ."
> Helmeteutics 1-3
> The Vulnerability Room (Live / Performances) with artist Schanghutter, Fine Kwiatkowski and Wiesbaden Improvisation Ensemble (1995/96)

> Penthouse 356
> BACH 4/7
> Nomadic-sedentary / nomadic <> climatic
> Arche eo chordata
> Swimming pool study for sound and light
> Impromptu á trois / Tripfuge
(Rhizom DancePerformanceTheatre) (1997), with the title "

> TanzKlangFarbe
> Interpretation - 4/4 in gray tones
> Animorfine
> Böttcher / Kaczynski / Schliemann / Vorfeld (1998)

> Tamashi Endo, Adriana Kocijan, Gernot Frischling and Fine Kwiatkowski

> Listen-field research I-III
> Music for a Spa Park
> Divergent
> Stadtlucht
> Supercollider
> Vario 36
> Character
> Men at work
> Metamorphoses
> Sound-installation / performance / concert for sound-objects, video-projection and live percussion (2000)> soundpanel / PLAYGROUND / JARDIN des objets trouvés

> Time: structured -Nurnichtnur.DE (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. vorderkranz, grosser keil

2. rumelner kracher

3. drei - gerade aus, bärbel

4. variante von fuchsschwanz

5. böse fünf

6. schräge sechs links

7. die verflixte sieben

8. hau den könig

9. letzte chance
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

Sonically rich continuous sound work in minimal acoustic improvisations using percussive elements that are hit, struck, bowed, scratched, plugged and thrown. The duo present encounters from minimal interactive improvisation to glowing stringed environments to clattering minimalism or resonantly ringing worlds; a surprisingly wide sonic palette in distinct percussive and improvisational concepts. The opening "Vorderkranz, grosser Keil" is an amazing sound environment, never grating, but not simply meditative, 9 minutes of motion and progression in an ecstatic state, where guessing the source of the sound is half the fun. The variety and permutations of music that these two create taken together make a fascinating and sometimes intensely encompassing listen.

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