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Angeli, Paolo: nita l'angelo sui trapezio (Recommended Records)


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UPC: 752725020824

Label: Recommended Records
Catalog ID: RER PA2
Squidco Product Code: 4843

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2005
Country: Great Britain

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"Known best as an experimental guitarist, with his "Giant' Sardinian guitar - which has a large mechanical claw stuck to the side of its body (to pluck counter melodies), piano-like hammers operated by pedals (to strike the strings), extra strings crossing the main strings at right angles with yet another set of sitar strings mounted on the body, a rope, a viola bridge - which holds yet more strings - and thirteen pickups and microphones which can separately amplify all the elements, sending them to different parts of the stereo picture, Paulo Angeli here steps neatly sideways into a different musical universe, bringing only an unmodified guitar and some pedals with him. Involving a small orchestra of musicians - about 30 of them: a name-check of the disproportionately creative Bologna music community - this composition adds up to an epic programme of highly evolved, minutely composed pieces covering half a planet of styles and audible references. At one pole there are involved pieces that bring to mind Uncle Meat period Zappa (or maybe Waka Jawaka ?), and contemporary experimental music - and at the other, the straightforward influence of traditional Sardinian folk music. In between there bloom a broad bouquet of combinations, each telling its own part of the story. Throughout, Paulo's compositional voice remains the single thread on which all these episodes are strung. NITA started life as an idea in 1997, just after Paulo had left the Labatorio di Musica & Imagina group, and evolved into one of those large scale works that takes years and a massive amount of work to complete. Eight years in fact. But here it is."-ReR USA

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