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Faust: The Wumme Years (Recommended Records)

The most important and influential of German RIO band Faust's first albums in a sturdy 5-CD box with a booklet including interviews with band members, a memoir by Peter Blegvad, and interviews with Uwe Nettlebeck and Kurt Graupner; CDs include 'So Far', 'The Faust Tapes' & '71 Minutes' plus a BBC Sessions + classic radio sessions and "substantial extra material".

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Arnuld Meifurt

Gunther Wusthoff

Hans Joachim Irmler

Jean Herve Peron

Kurt Graupner

Rudolf Sosna

Werner Zappi Diermaier

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UPC: 752725012126

Label: Recommended Records
Catalog ID: RER FB1
Squidco Product Code: 857

Format: CD
Condition: NEW
Released: 2000
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Box Set
Recorded by Kurt Graupner in North America.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

A 5 cd box set including the Recommended cd's 1st (the clear album), 'So Far', 'The Faust Tapes' & '71 Minutes' plus a BBC Sessions + classic radio sessions and "substantial extra material". Booklet contains interviews with band members, a Peter Blegvad memoir, and interviews with Uwe Nettlebeck and Kurt Graupner. Well designed box holds and protects all 5 cds. Could there be a better introduction to Faust at a better price?

Artist Biographies

Biography "Gunther Wusthoff" is a founding member of Faust, and also recorded with Henry Cow on the "In Praise of Learning" ablum.-Squidco 4/17/2024

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"Born in 1950, Hans-Joachim Irmler began experimenting with sound-generating technology at a very early age. As a teenager, he built his first organ. In 1969, he moved to Hamburg, where he studied art and worked for television. There, he was drawn into a collective of musicians and filmmakers. Out of this loose group, a band crystallized which would become known as Faust - a band which subsequently became known to people with an interest in avantgarde music all around the world.

The band negotiated a contract with Polydor in 1971 in which they were granted their own studio and custom-built sound-processing equipment (unheard of for a "pop" or "rock group" at that time). On their eponymous debut in 1971 (pressed on clear vinyl and housed in a transparent cover), one can hear familiar sounds augmented with electronically generated and distorted ones, which made Faust into probably the most far-out album ever released on a major label. This musical and technological transmutation has become the leitmotiv of Irmler's aesthetic. He always worked with self-built or heavily customized equipment. Thus it is small wonder that when Faust folded in 1975 he started his own keyboard workshop.

But Faust never really stopped, there were always reunions - sometimes private, sometimes public. In 1994, he and two other core-members of Faust record Rien, the first album in 20 years,. It was produced by Jim O'Rourke and released on Jeff Hunt's Table Of Elements, one of the prime labels for so-called post-rock in the 90s. Irmler went on to form his own label Klangbad in 1996, on which he published not only Faust, but also other bands, most of whom he recorded in the label's own studio (including Custer, Dieter Moebius, Circle, Ectogram, Nightingales, Ole Lukkye, to name but a few) . In 2004, the studio relocated to the premises of a disused paper factory in the rural Swabian village Scheer. It contains all of Irmler's equipment built over the last 30 years as well as new, computer-based recording tools.

Initially established as a thank you-party for the volunteers who helped in building the new studio, Irmler now runs and curates the internationally acclaimed Klangbad Festival. Since 2004, this annual event attracts audacious locals as well as international music lovers from all over the globe.

After he recorded and released his first solo-album Lifelike in 2003, Irmler has embarked on a long series of improvisations and collaborations with other musicians, among them musician, composer and multimedia artist Alfred 23 Harth (Harth/Irmler/Müller - Taste Tribes on For4ears records), the percussionist Z'ev (on the Fauz't-CD), drummers Christian Wolfarth and Lucas Niggly (the latter of Steamboat Switzerland-fame), Hans Reichel (guitarrist extraordinaire & inventor of the Daxophone) and trumpeter Franz Hautzinger."

-Klangbad (

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"Jean-Hervé Péron , born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1949 , is an artistic personality of the Channel , musician of his state.

He is a member of Faust, a German avant-garde rock band. He composes, sings and plays bass and trumpet.

Jean-Hervé Péron arrived in Cherbourg in 1951 , at the age of two. He spent his youth in Normandy until he was 18 years old. He studied, learned music theory and began to play several instruments.

In 1968 he spent some time in the United States. Returning to France in June 1968 , he wandered on the roads of Europe, fell in love with a young German and settled in the Hamburg region. In 1971 , he took part in the creation of Faust, of which he became one of the pillars. In the same year, the group released its first LP, simply called Faust , soon followed in 1972 by Faust So Far.

In 1973 , Faust signed with Virgin Records and released a new LP The Faust Tapes , followed by Faust IV (1974).

The group separated shortly afterwards and reformed in 1990.

In 1995 , Faust released a new album entitled Rien pour la label Table of the Elements. Jean-Hervé Péron is noticed with his song " Listen to the Fish" which pastiche Sû la mé , famous Norman song by Alfred Rossel. "

-Wikimanche (Translated by Google) (

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"Werner Diermaier (also known as Werner "Zappi" Diermaier) is a German drummer, best known as one of the founding members of the German krautrock band, Faust. Diermaier has remained with Faust for its entire lifespan and appears on all of their over 30 albums.

In 1969 Diermaier was a member of a German rock band called Campylognatus Citelli, with Hans Joachim Irmler (keyboards) and Arnulf Meifert (percussion). Later that year in Hamburg, at the suggestion of journalist and record producer Uwe Nettelbeck, they joined forces with another German rock group, Nukleus comprising Jean-Hervé Péron (bass guitar), Rudolf Sosna (guitar) and Gunter Wüsthoff (saxophone). The sextet became known as Faust and under the direction of Nettelbeck, they converted an old school-house near the village of Wümme, between Hamburg and Bremen into a studio, where they began working on their first album."

-Wikipedia (

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