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Lepage, Robert Marcel: La Plante Humaine (Ambiances Magnetiques)


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UPC: 77102810422 2

Label: Ambiances Magnetiques
Catalog ID: AM_042
Squidco Product Code: 534

Format: CD
Condition: NEW
Released: 1997
Country: Canada
Packaging: Jewel Case


Mario Leblanc-accordion

Eric Longsworth-cello

Robert M. Lepage-Didgeridoo, trumpet

Dominic Girad-double bass

Rene Gosselin-double bass

Benoit Clement-drums

Denis Toupin-drums

Jean-Francois Houle-electric bass

Guy Kaye-electric guitar

Claude Castonguay-keyboards

Pierre Tanguay-percussion

Guillaume Dostaler-piano

Richard Hunt-piano

Jean Rene-viola

Stephane Allard-violin

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

Robert Marcel Lepage, who has collaborated with Quebec film-maker Pierre Hu;bert for over a decade, is now treating us to the soundtrack of Hubert's animation film: La Plante humaine.
"For his phonographic opus, Lepage chose to distance himself from the vocal style of film operas. Instead, this is a symphonic rendition of this lyrical work, a non-stop version of the fragmented pieces in the film. Through a skillful, fluid editing, "La plante humaine" offers a continuity and a legato that are more musical than audiovisual. Shining with contrasts between neo-romantic borrowings and modern rhythms, African percussions, hard rock and jazz and, reminiscences of Varese-like tapestries of sound music, "La Plante humaine" shows Robert Marcel Lepage taking part in the contemporary opera." -Real La Rochelle

Track Listing:

1. Le Reve D'un Homme Anime 4:13

2. On Joue Du Piano Chez Le Voisin 0:40

3. Le Blaster Des Kids 0:53

4. Malheur Au Pays 0:45

5. Ecran Cathodique I 0:48

6. Le Deluge 3:25

7. Le Siffleux 0:41

8. Les Fourmis 0:32

9. Tsaikome 2:05

10. Tsaikome Punk 0:44

11. Weli Weli 0:38

12. Ecran Cahotique Ii 0:59

13. Gog Et Magog 3:54

14. Vous Devez Trouver Le Temps Long? 2:01

15. Au Septieme Jour, Chaos Mourut 1:47

16. Rock Et War 3:08

17. Si Tu Veux Peindre Une Bataille 1:52

18. La Tour 1:51

19. Babel 3:12

20. La Muraille 3:01

21. La Poursuite Du Sens 3:16

22. La Barque De Leonardo En Feu 1:23

23. Le Reve D'un Homme Anime 3:35

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