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Mayas, Magda / Tina Douglas: Objects Of Interest [CD + BOOK] (Room40)

Following the visual scores of multi-disciplinary artist Tina Douglas, pianist Magda Mayas uses objects and preparations on piano, clavinet & rhodes keyboards to expand on Douglas' sculptural and tactile scores, exposing the fragility or imperfections in each, allowing one melody, chord or noise to become the focus of Maya's aural rendering and interpretations.

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Matte laminated and embossed CD with insert card plus extensive book featuring a conversation between Magda Mayas and Tina Douglas, plus scores, documentation and photographs.

UPC: 764227519409

Label: Room40
Catalog ID: RM 4164CD
Squidco Product Code: 31715

Format: BOOK + CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: Australia
Packaging: CD w/ 24 PAGE BOOK
Recorded in Berlin by Tony Buck, mastered by Lawrence English.


Magda Mayas-piano, clavinet, rhodes, objects

Tina Douglas-scores

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The translation of the visual into the acoustic is a powerfully esoteric practice. For Magda Mayas and Tina Douglas, this nexus of sensory curiosity has provided a perfect point from which they have maintained a decade long conversation around light, vibration, and the score as a provocation toward unlocking new approaches and methodologies to seemingly known instruments. On Objects Of Interest, Mayas takes her cues from Douglas's scores in an exchange of materiality and a dialogue of interpretive acoustics. Together they unlock a dynamic, but refined interrogation of the piano, clavinet and Rhodes expanding these familiar musical objects into points of unfamiliar resonance and unexpected beauty."-Room40

From Magda Mayas:

"Tina and I met around 10 years ago in Melbourne through mutual musician friends.

Tina has heard me perform in various context and I have visited her studio and seen her perform on multiple occasions. There was an immediate personal and aesthetic connection and conversations over the years revealed shared ways of working - a collaboration seemed natural and exciting.

We are both drawn to improvisational and intuitive processes and we both use individualised objects or tools to create and develop close relationships with these. For me, it's a symbiotic process: the objects generate ideas, they afford and limit what I do and structure a piece in a fundamental way. Tina's scores are very sculptural and tactile - the piano and my objects and preparations in them likewise feel sculptural, tactile, embodied -objects, materials and relationships crossing over.

When I started recording music to respond to Tina's scores, I had a wish to slowing things down, to expose a certain fragility or imperfection and to let one melody or one chord or one little noise be enough. With the piano you can have such an orchestral approach, and I often do that, but with this collaboration I didn't feel like I wanted this kind of complexity.

There is a certain fragility that I like about the project and the scores: the fact that they are thin paper scores and I transported them from Australia to Berlin, the cut-outs... it's all very fragile and beautiful and I kind of felt that I wanted to allow the music to be like that too."

Matte laminated and embossed CD with insert card plus extensive book featuring a conversation between Magda Mayas and Tina Douglas, plus scores, documentation and photographs.

Artist Biographies

"Magda Mayas, born 1979, is a pianist living in Berlin. Developing a vocabulary utilizing both the inside as well as the exterior parts of the piano, using preparations and objects, she explores textural, linear and fast moving sound collage.

Alongside the piano, Mayas has recently been performing on a Clavinet/Pianet, an electric piano from the 60s with strings and metal chimes, where she engages with noise and more visceral sound material, equally extending the instrumental sound palette using extended techniques and devices.Mayas performs internationally solo and in collaboration with a large number of musicians and composers.Current projects are "Spill", a duo with drummer Tony Buck, a duo with Christine Abdelnour (sax) and "Great Waitress", a trio with Monika Brooks (acc) and Laura Altman (cl).

She is currently undertaking Phd studies at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and investigating extended instrumental techniques, spectral music and psychoacoustics in an improvised music context.

Since 2013 she has also been producing radio pieces for ABC Australia and Deutschlandradio Kultur and has released 20 CDS to date.

Magda Mayas has performed and toured in Europe, the USA, Australia, Mexico and Lebanon and collaborated with many leading figures in improvisation and composers such as John Butcher, Andy Moor, Zeena Parkins, Joelle Leandre, Paul Lovens, Ikue Mori, Phill Niblock, Peter Evans, Andrea Neumann and Axel Dörner. She has performed at festivals and exhibitions such as Maerz Musik (2012,2015), Documenta (2012) or the Berlin Biennale ( 2014)."

-Magda Mayas Website (

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"Tina Douglas: Born Canberra, 1966. Raised in Shepparton in regional Victoria.

Tina is a muliti-disciplinary artist with an emphasis on painting. Explorations have included large scale paintings on canvas, DIY conductive painting, constructed works, improvised sound via interactive conductive paintings, visual scores, felt & woven works, sound reactive video, digital works. Her work is process based, using improvisational and intuitive methods, and individualized tools."

-Tina Douglas Website (

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Track Listing:

1. No.Thing 08:16

2. Sediment 11:41

3. Point 1 02:04

4. Point 2 02:28

5. Point 3 02:22

6. Point 4 01:53

7. Point 5 01:49

8. Point 6 01:30

9. Point 7 01:40

10. Point 7B 02:41

11. Point 8 02:22

12. Point 9 02:08

13. Point 10 02:00

14. Intersect 17:01

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