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Carnalisme (Gargaud / Grente / Ziemniak): De Profundis (nunc.)

Formed by double bassist Patrice Grente and drummer Etienne Ziemniak in 2010, the French band Carnalisme, meaning "This fuzzy, troubled and slippery place, which everyone owns and no one can spot", produce a raucous blend of hard rock and free improvisation, here in their 4th release and joined by guitarist Guillaume Gargaud for a profoundly blistering album.

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Label: nunc.
Catalog ID: NUNC.028
Squidco Product Code: 31652

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: France
Packaging: Greeting Card Cardboard Gatefold In Plastic Sleeve
Recorded and Mixed by Carnalisme in Le Havre, France, May 2021


Guillaume Gargaud-guitar

Patrice Grente-double bass

Etienne Ziemniak-drums

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Carnalisme is a word borrowed from Michel Koch in his book "Piety for the Flesh". The definition he gives of it rings perfectly with this music of chaos: "This fuzzy, troubled and slippery place, which everyone owns and no one can spot, this is where all Carnalisme is drawn from.

Carnalisme is a group formed by double bassist Patrice Grente and drummer Etienne Ziemniak in 2010. For this fourth album, they include guitarist Guillaume Gargaud in their jubilant, frenetic and paroxysmal practice of free improvisation. A massive group sound carried by a mad energy emerges from this meeting to give itself generously to you."-Nunc Rec"

"Guillaume Gargaud turns in another fine performance with " Carnalisme. " Fans of hardcore rock, metal, and, free jazz will love this recording. This entire project is organized chaos in its purest form. Carnalisme is quite thorough as they explore the sonic airwaves. There's something here for everyone. Make Carnalisme the next record you buy !"- Marc Edwards from New York Free Jazz/Noise Rock Drummer

Artist Biographies

"Guillaume Gargaud (Born in France in 1979) is a composer and improvisational guitarist. He's already released about ten albums and composed many musics for contemporary dance. He lives in Le Havre in France where he also teaches music.

He started playing guitar when he was 15, after he was injured in a road accident and forced to stay home for a year. In 1997, in addition to his cabinetmaking studies where he practiced sculpture, marquetry, restoration of antique furniture and art drawing, he worked on his instrument on his own and performed in different bands. In 1999, after passing his exams he decided to dedicate himself to music and he entered the professional course of IIMA lead by Laurent Rousseau. He then studied composition, musical analysis, jazz, contemporary and improvised music. During his studies he experimented with multiple forms of music (free jazz, bebop...).

In 2003 , he became a permanent member of the artist collective Zwann eï . He composes for performances, installations, sound poetry and movies. He realises visual creations and integrates laptop ( Ableton, Max msp) in his sound research system which was until then made of pedals, analog effects and objects. His implication in the collective will give him the opportunity to discover a new vision of writing and of the interactive relationships connected to picture, body and to literature.

In 2007 he decided to stop his tours to devote himself to his solo music and to get more involved into teaching by creating some improvised music workshops. Many trips, projects, live performances and recording will follow. Work with Loïs Laplace (Cycling 74), Federico Barabino (Buenos aires), Yumi Fujitani (danse butô, Paris), Les Conserveries mémorielles (Québec), Marc Roques (Zooloop, Paris), Sequana Deux (Contemporary Art from Le Havre to Paris "ABRUIT"), Jannick Schou (Denmark), Raphaël Maze and Francois Lebègue ("Light Cone " experimental cinema Paris), Nozal cube (Le Havre), The Future Ethnic Comparative Research Lab. (Paris), La cité de la musique (Paris), Jean Luc Petit,(FR) Sandrine Lascaux (Lecturer, Le Havre University), JP.Gomez, JP Buisson (Le Havre) M.Thouseau and V.Sauve (Paris), Blaise Merino (London), Mangane (Senegal), P.Sigmoon (Cambodia), Jack Wright (US), Raymond Alan Kaczynski, Mike Majkowski,(Berlin), Zachary Darrup (US) .

In 2008, he released his first solo album "Le Lieu" produced by Dirty Demos (UK), then in 2009 two CDs "She" with Utech Records (USA) and "Here" with Kvist Records (USA). And in 2011" Lost Chords" with Dead pilot Records UK."

-Ztext Website (

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"Patrice Grente is a self-trained doublebass player who has worked in jazz and free improvisation for several years. In his personal research, he explores sound as an entity, working with electronics, field recording, materials and sound installations. He has worked with visual arts, dance, theatre, sound poetry and performance with artists such as Pan Huysen, Phil Niblock, Jerôme Noetinger, Paul Dunmall, Luc Bénazet, Deborah Lennie, Fred Hocké, Guillaume Bellanger, Etienne Zemniak, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Sonia Chiambretto, Benoît Casas, Hugues Vincent, Yumiko Nii. He is also co-founder of the festival [Interstice] in Caen."

-Grente / Gargaud Webite (

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Étienne Ziemniak is a French drummer and percussionist. Influenced by jazz and improvisation, he joined the jazz school in Tours and then the jazz class of Guillaume De Chassy. He has been a member of the groups Carnalisme, Cécile Cappozzo Trio, Electric Vocuhila, Mange Ferraille, The West Lines, Théo Ceccaldi Freaks, and Vocuhila.

-Squidco 6/7/2023

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Track Listing:

1. A Ceux Qui Doivent Se Taire (Part One) 12:10

2. Au Bord du Marais (Part One) 4:33

3. A Ceux Qui Doivent Se Taire (Part Two) 8:31

4. Au Bord du Marais (Part Two) 7:01

5. Chemin Faisant 4:44

6. Les Chants de L'Entenebre 12:51

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