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Eliogabal: Mo (BeCoq)

Sharing members of the band F.A.T., the Lille, France on based quintet Eliogabal of Mael Bougeard & Sakina Abdou on saxophones, Paul Menard on guitar, Thomas Coquelet on bass and Pierre Pasquis on drums, declares themselves a free jazz rock progressif, performing complex and assertive music that takes time for contemplative musing among strong lyrical riffs, twists and turns.

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product information:

Label: BeCoq
Catalog ID: BeCoq07
Squidco Product Code: 31515

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: France
Packaging: Digipack


Mael Bougeard-tenor saxophone

Sakina Abdou-alto saxophone

Paul Menard-electric guitar

Thomas Coquelet-electric bass

Pierre Pasquis-drums

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Artist Biographies:

Mal Bougeard is a French saxophonist known for the group Eliogabal and Juddu Combo.

-Discogs (

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"Sakina Abdou: Saxophones, recorder

Born in 1984 in Lille, where she currently lives, Sakina Abdou is a saxophonist, flautist and plastic artist. She studied the flute (early and contemporary music) and the saxophone (classical/contemporary/jazz) at the Music Academy of Lille and Roubaix. She graduated from the Fine Arts School of Tourcoing and Valenciennes (DNAP,DNSEP) and also has a State Diploma of Music Teacher.

Since 1998, she has been a member of various music bands in Lille's area. In parallel to her studies, she has explored free improvisation, experimental and contemporary music within various entities :

"La Pieuvre" orchestra, led by Olivier Benoit, part of the collective of musicians " Muzzix " ("Feldspath", Circum-disc, 2013), the band "Vazytouille", part of the collective of musicians " Zoone Libre " ("Vazytouille", Circum-disc, 2011), "Le Miroir et le marteau" led by rock drummer Guigou Chenevier ("Le Miroir et le Marteau, Inouï Productions, 2012), the FreeRock quintet "Eliogabal" ("Mo", Becoq, 2014) or the Toc Compulsive Brass band ("Air Bump", Circum-Disc, 2016).

Since 2014, she has collaborated with the Dedalus ensemble to reinterpret the work of american minimalist composers like Philip Glass or Moondog ("Round The World of Sound", New World Records, 2016) and has also played with "Organik Orkeztra" led by the pianist Jeremy Ternoy from Lille and the Basque singer Kristof Hiriart ("Beraz", LagunArte Productions, 2018).

In 2012, she co-founded "Bi-Ki?", a duet with fellow saxophonist Jean-Baptiste Rubin. With a wish to explore acoustic as well as amplified sounds, they teamed up with Jean Luc Guionnet to record their first album ("Quelque chose au milieu", LX/Becoq, 2016). They also collaborate with Simon Henocq during residencies where their work culminates in restitutions that are part live concert, part sound installation, part art performance.

Crossing over many styles, she is currently a member of the improvisation trio "Abdou Dang Orins" and Julien Tortora's sextet "Phuisis" ( whose creations revolve around French philosopher Charles Fourrier's work). She also took part in film screenings with live music, with Jean-Baptiste Rubin ("Le Bonheur") and Ivan Cruz ("Ciné-concert de papier"). She is also involved in other orchestral projects such as "le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix", "Ritual" with Organik Orkeztra, the "Red Desert Orchestra" led by Eve Risser, and "Hoquetus" (Dedalus/ Muzzix). Her musical activity has led her to collaborate with many artists including Satoko Fujii, Raymond Boni, Michael Pisaro, Anthony Pateras, Tom Johnson,..."

-Muzzix (

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Paul Ménard is a French songwriter and guitarist. He is a member of F.A.T. and Eliogabal.

-Discogs (

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Thomas Coquelet is a French bassist and sound experimenter. He is known for the groupsE42. A8, F.A.T., Kou, Marabout Et Le Vide, and Zwanz.

-Discogs (

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Pierre Pasquis is a French drummer, percussionist, composer & educator. He was trained at Didier Lockwood Music Center (CMDL). He teaches at Graphic School Of Music & Arts Of Rethelois and Ardenne Metropolis. He is a member of the bands F.A.T. and Eliogabal.

-Instagram, Squidco (

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track listing:

1. Un Caillou Dans Ta Chaussure 2:23

2. La Boisson Pas L'Oiseau 7:17

3. Syndrome Marfan (Au Summum De La Tronconneuse) 5:43

4. (Almost) On The Same Line 6:31

5. Drague De Pigeon 4:49

6. Cynorrhodon 3:33
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Eliogabal, free jazz rock progressif, from Lille (France) in their second album after 2013's Matière Fœtale.

(translated): Decadent Roman emperor, subversive work by Antonin Artaud or Italian baroque opera? You don't need to know here who you're naming to recognize yourself in Eliogabal's communicative tumult, it's actually more a question of invoking the present than of evoking the past.

Through collective creation and experimentation, this "free rock" band defends a music as free as written and invites us into its universe, sometimes contemplative, other times disconcerting, structured by themes winding between calm and frenzy."-Eliogabal

"Eliogabal is a French "free rock" band. Such a categorization accurately puts them in a place between free jazz and avant-rock. Featuring Pierre Pasquis on drums, Quentin Biardeau on sax, Sakina Abdou also on sax, Paul Ménard on guitar, and Thomas Coquelet on bass, Eliogabal leverages this lineup to provide heavily-distorted, almost fuzzed-out, guitar and bass riffing, overlaid with dual-sax themes. At first blush, the guitar, bass, and drums evoke Red-era King Crimson, but this group has more in common sound-wise with the 1990s work of European outfits such as Blast, X-Legged Sally, and Fukkeduk.

While a significant portion of Mo is clearly composed, the group does take it down to loose free-improv with muted guitar picking and sax melodies. Thus, this 30-minute release alternates between short bursts of energy and more introspective pieces. But Eliogabal is at their best when Biardeau and Abdou lay down an angular rhythm over an aggressive guitar and rhythm section. Consequently, Mo could easily be something you would expect to hear from the Cuneiform Records or ReR labels. A compelling release."-Mike, Avant Music News

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