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SuperKlang (Aurier / Lemetre): SuperKlang (Umlaut Records)

An effusive album of violin and percussion, fueled by the Iranian zarb drum and augmented with an eclectic mix of frame drums, nyckelharp and Tibetan bowls, from the French duo of violinist Frederic Aurier and percussionist Sylvain Lemetre, both trained classical musicians drawn to jazz forms, their duo an eclectically enjoyable blend of experimental and danceable, joyful music.

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product information:

UPC: 33413481683567

Label: Umlaut Records
Catalog ID: UMFR-CD36
Squidco Product Code: 31104

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Sweden / France / Germany
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Studio lĠArtscene, in Avignon, France, in July, 2020, by Adrian' Bourget.


Frederic Aurier-violin, nyckelharpa, voice

Sylvain Lemetre-zarb, percussions, voice

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Artist Biographies:

"Frédéric Aurier - Violin, Composer

A graduate of the Conservatoire de Lyon under Roland Daugareil, Frédéric Aurier met other musicians in this privileged environment with whom he discovered his passion for chamber music. He then formed, with three others, the Quatuor Satie, and together they won several grand prizes in international competitions : the Trondheim in Norway, FNAPEC in France, Banff in Canada. An influential encounter at the age of twelve with violinist Jean-François Vrod opened the way for him toward the traditional music of the Massif Central region of France. His passion for the violin and his incisive curiosity led him to explore such diverse directions as improvisation, contemporary music, the baroque repertoire, and the music of dance and of theatre. Since 2009, Frédéric has been a teacher of the string quartet at the Conservatoire de Lyon. Frédéric is also composer."

-Quatuor Bela Website (

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"Sylvain Lemêtre, percussion

The itinerary of the eclectic percussionist Sylvain Lemêtre takes shape around his openness and his insatiable curiosity towards explorations and musical encounters. His favorite field is the confines of contemporary creation, jazz, improvisation and traditional music.

He trained at the conservatory at a young age, winning a first prize in percussion and chamber music at G.Sylvestre in Rueil-Malmaison and a first prize in traditional percussion at C.Nicolas in Argenteuil. In addition, he has always worked and played Zarb with F.Bedel, trained in soundpainting with V.Le Quang and practiced piano with C.Stephan. Nourished by the teachings of his masters, he likes to describe himself as "a self-taught conservatoire", defending a non-academic musical path, favoring listening, autonomy, analytical and critical sense, both towards the learned written music. and traditional and improvised oral music.

The question of theatricality in music and the presence of musicians on stage is very important to him when he approaches musical theater. Thus, today he is passionately involved in training courses with extremely varied aesthetics:

"The subtraction of flowers" by Jean-François Vrod, "The Cairn Ensemble" directed by Jérôme Combier, "Surnatural Orchestra", "Léger Sourire" musical theater duet, "Spring Roll" and "Printemps" by Sylvaine Hélary, " Saltarello "by Garth Knox," Farewell my beautiful "by Matthieu Donarier. "Boreal Sound" his solo around texts by Olivier Mellano, "The steam over rice" Alexandra Grimal.

He played in Antonin Leymarie's "Magnetic Ensemble", "Real thing # 3" and "Tower-Bridge" by Marc Ducret, "The Riddle of the Tympanum" by Fred Pallem for several years and now has a beautiful discography.

More recently, he began writing music and honored commissions, notably the state commission: "Borg and Théa" for the Béla quartet, the subtraction of flowers and the mastery of the Opéra de Lyon, but also "Entre cabbage and wolf "and" The angel of the weird "for Noémi Boutin and S.Hélary, or" The energy of the ceiling "for Surnatural Orchestra Albert Marcoeur and the Béla quartet.

In addition, throughout his career during the creation of live shows and concerts, he collaborated with the artists: T.Bonvalet, K.Davis, E.Caron, J.Pontier, D.Chouillet, C.Palotaï, P .Minton, Nosfell, Matthieu A, JP.Drouet, F.Sarhan, T.Blondeau, G.Pesson, R.Cendo, F.Marillier, N.Frize, A.Messager, R.Thierry, B.Coupey, C. Pavet, F.Cotinaud, P.Cueco, V.Bouchot. MH. Fournier, G.Siracusa, Y.Maresz, L.Naon, L.Fagin, A.Serre-Milan, E.Biston, A.Martinez. "

-Ensemble Cairn (

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track listing:

1. Fred et moi (Bonjour) 1:42

2. Trois Totems 5:32

3. Horloge 1:37

4. Sucre d'Orge 5:22

5. Retro passacaille 4:51

6. Rage de Danse 3:00

7. Horloge 2 1:36

8. Sans Additif 7:13

9. Horloge 3 1:41

10. Retour aux Chazeaux 5:42

11. Sylvain et moi (Au revoir) 2:07

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"...Then they both stopped on the side of the road...

While dusting their coats to remove the dust of the path, they looked back towards the fertile meadows from which they had picked flowers. Already fifteen years playing together!

Sylvain Lemetre and Frederic Aurier, trained in classical school, committed to the contemporary cause, curious of musics from around the world, Fred and Sylvain wanted to write the score that would resemble them. Interpreters, composers and improvisers, they gathered the seeds that they had patiently grown: musical theater and electro pop, bourrees with five or seven beats, Ligeti and Machaut, what is below as well as what is above...

They grabbed the zarb and the violin, the nyckelharpa, the frame drum and the Tibetan bowls, they also found on the mound a threaded rod and a Newtonian pendulum : SuperKlang was born! They then turned their gaze forward... the horizon was far away... they set off again!"-Umlaut

"Umlaut is a highly interesting label, stretched between Paris and Berlin, which works with contemporary composition, improvisation and traditional music. It is the co-publisher of the album Lumpeks (3/4 French), which I wrote about a year ago. Superklang are two classically trained musicians: violinist Frédéric Aurier and drummer Sylvain Lemêtre. Their latest album takes traditional instruments as its starting point - strings, the harpsichord and the Persian zarb drum, which they elevate far beyond the boundaries of folk music. The duo uses them to glue together songs with an alternative pop feel, which sometimes explode with their narrative and danceable twists ("Rage De Danse"), but also explore sonorist possibilities, lined with beats that suggest an electronic sound ("Sucre D Orge"). Superklang juggles between ideas from one extreme to the other, which is sometimes confusing and not entirely coherent, but on the plus side is the casual character of this music - lightness is intertwined here with ingenious production solutions, and the aura of folk music is wrapped in the form of repetitive motifs, which attract the ear with rhythmic allure and outlines of melodies."-Jakub Knera, Nowe Idzie Od Morza

Get additional information at Nowe Idzie Od Morza
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