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Un Poco Loco (Fourneyron / Beliah / Gesser): Ornithologie (Umlaut Records)

Formed in 2014 to explore their own personal history with jazz music, the French trio of Fidel Fourneyron on trombone, Sebastien Beliah on double bass and Geoffroy Gesser on tenor saxophone & clarinet put their focus on the master of be-bop, Charlie Parker, updating, reinventing and making an inventive playground of Parker's music through thirteen classics.

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product information:

UPC: 3521383459461

Label: Umlaut Records
Catalog ID: UMFRCD31
Squidco Product Code: 30309

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Sweden / France / Germany
Packaging: Digipack
Recording at Studio B Tap de Poitiers, in Oitiers, France, in May, 2019, by Erwan Boulay.


Fidel Fourneyron-trombone

Sebastien Beliah-double bass

Geoffroy Gesser-tenor saxophone, clarinet

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Artist Biographies:

"Fidel Fourneyron - Trombone

Born in southwestern France, Fidel Fourneyron moved to Paris in 2006 to complete his training in the class of jazz and improvised music at the Conservatoire. There, he met people and collectives that proved decisive for his aesthetic choices and future collaborations - including the COAX and UMLAUT collectives, les Vibrants Défricheurs and le Tricollectif, all of whom he still works with regularly.

Drawn to improvisation (as part of the National Orchestra for Creation, Experimentation and Musical Improvisation) as much as to contemporary music (he worked with the Ensemble Hodos), Fidel is also fond of great swing orchestras and is a soloist in the Umlaut Big Band, which specializes in 1920-30s dance music.

Spotted by the biggest names in contemporary jazz - among whom Marc Ducret who asked him to be part of his Real Thing #3 sextet - Fidel joined Olivier Benoit's Orchestre National de Jazz in 2014.

Together with Roy Nathanson (Lounge Lizards), he was a guest musician for French quintet Papanosh's thunderous tribute to Charles Mingus, called "Oh Yeah Ho!"

His recognizable touch can also be found in Radiation 10, Jukebox, Eve Risser's White Desert Orchestra, Marc Ducret's Tower Bridge and Tricollectif's Tribute to Lucienne Boyer.

Fidel is often invited to perform as a soloist (European Youth Jazz Orchestra, MGH Orkestar) and asked for masterclasses (Conservatories of Poitiers, Tarbes, Blois, Angoulême, or for Dijon's Tribu Festival, etc.). Since September 2014, he has been conducting the Fanfare du Carreau du Temple - an amateur orchestra composed of some 40 musicians and for which he wrote an original repertoire.

"Un Poco Loco," the trio he is part of, revisits 1950s standards with both elegance and humor. The band released their eponymous debut album in November 2014, on the Umlaut Records label; it was included in the program for Jazz Migration's 2015-2016 tour.

Fidel also performs as a solo musician. His work is recorded on High Fidelity, a record coming out in the fall of 2015."

-Fidel Fourneyron Website (

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"Sébastien Beliah is a Paris-based double bass player and composer. His work is mainly focused on improvisation and oral composition (R.mutt), relationship between composed music and improvisation (Ensemble Hodos), and jazz (Umlaut big band, The Coquettes, Un poco loco). As a double bass player, Sébastien Beliah has performed solo pieces from Hans-Joachim Hespos, James Tenney or Kenneth Gaburo among others. He is also doing improvised solo performance. As a composer, his pieces has been performed by musicians like Félicie Bazelaire, Pierre Borel, Hannes Lingens or the large ensemble ONCEIM. Sébastien Beliah is also deeply involved in the field of education, and teach double bass, jazz and improvisation at the Conservatoire de Reims."

-Umlaut (

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"Geoffroy Gesser, saxophone, clarinet

Geoffroy Gesser was born in 1986 in Montbéliard , eastern France . He discovered jazz at the Conservatoire de Montbéliard and fine-tuned his saxophone skills at the Conservatoire de Lyon, then at the Conservatoire N ational S upérieur de Paris, in the jazz and improvised music class.

Since 2007 he has taken part in several projects of Paris -based collectives of innovative music like Coax and Umlaut .

Geoffroy's style and writing oscillate between early 20th-century jazz, African-American free jazz of the 1960s, and the quest for ready-made, noise-based and original sounds. His way of playing is centered on a laid-back kind of energy, on listening and combining sounds with other musicians, on rhythmic editing of musical sequences and on the repetition of trance-inducing motifs.

Geoffroy can be heard in eclectic ensembles, ranging from traditional to experimental free jazz in BRIBES, BRIBES 4, Un Poco Loco, Umlaut Big Band and Flouxus.

Recipient of the Jazz Migration 2016 grant with Un Poco Loco, he has toured extensively thoughout France and Europe. In 2016, he participate d in the recording of Umlaut Big Band 's Euro Swing vol.2 , which was awarded the "prix Coup de cœur Jazz" by the prestigious Académie Charles Cros .

In 2015, Geoffroy was one of the driving forced behind the creation of BRIBES 4, a project which was augmented the following year by a light and scenograph y creation: BRIBES 4 "Licht". These projects are produced by " Le Ton Vertical ", an association based in Franche - Comté , eastern France."

-Geoffroy Gesser Website (

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track listing:

1. Shaw Nuff 3:33

2. Yardbird Suite 2:15

3. Anthropology 3:35

4. Salt Peanuts 3:53

5. Barbillie’s Time 3:40

6. Everything Happens To Me 4:28

7. Ah Leu Cha 2:47

8. Okiedoke 3:20

9. Chasin The Bird 2:50

10. Segment 2:55

11. Mango Mangue 5:40

12. Groovin High 3:17

13. Bluebird 3:57
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Trio founded in 2014, Un Poco Loco keeps (re)visiting its personal history of jazz, a history maybe a bit crazy but mainly very liberated. After the eponym Un Poco Loco and Feelin' Pretty, dedicated to the West Side Story of Leonard Bernstein, Fidel Fourneyron, Sébastien Beliah and Geoffroy Gesser have already asserted a strong musical identity, proving if need be that traditions are not less honored than freedom. The critics haven't mistaken (with notably a victory at the prestigious contest Jazz Migration) ; the public even less. For this third record, the trio comes back with a new renowned repertory to reinvent, Charlie Parker's !

In Ornithologie, the compositions of the Bird become a legacy for the trio : the one of the legendary solos of Parker, their melodic evidence, their eternally modern swing. But more than a legacy, the master of bebop's repertory is the playground of countless occasions of reinventing these themes, whose possibilities hadn't yet been exhausted. In the manner of boppers, Un Poco Loco takes a great pleasure, intensely and musically liberating, in redirecting these musics towards an infinity of other paths. The ones that emerge at each detour of the Bird's repertory in this ornithology that can't be summed up in words.

Just as can't be summed up the communicative complicity of a trio able to sound as an orchestra as well as a one man band. From this unity, they draw the ressources of a music exploding in the mode of playing the potentialities of tones and improvisations, forcing each instrumentist to multiply in an infinity of roles and vocabularies. Without any obsequious nostalgia and as closely as possible to the vibrant soul of the Bird's music, Un Poco Loco successes in opening these indestructible themes towards a new listening that no one, except them, could have imagined. It imposes itself nonetheless, immediately, as an evidence."-Umlaut

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