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Musson, Rachel / Naoko Saito / Audrey Lauro

The Region Of Braille Responsibility [CD with English Braille Sheet]

Musson, Rachel / Naoko Saito / Audrey Lauro: The Region Of Braille Responsibility [CD with English B (Armageddon Nova)

Three female saxophonist from around the world--Rachel Musson (UK), Naoko Saito (Japan) and Audrey Lauro (Belgium)--in a compilation of solo saxophone works, two extended pieces from Musson and Satio, and four shorter works from Laura, with a CD insert with English Braille characters, and a QR code that, when scanned, plays the audio information for the album.

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product information:

UPC: 4580518510483

Label: Armageddon Nova
Catalog ID: AN R-7
Squidco Product Code: 28639

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Japan
Packaging: Jewel Case
Track 1 recorded in London, Uk, in August, 2018.

Track 2 recorded at Studio EUN, in Soule, South Korea, on September 23rd, 2019.

Tracks 3-6 recorded in Brissels, Belgium, in March, 2019, by Giovanni Di Domenico.


Rachel Musson-saxophone

Naoko Saito-saxophone

Audrey Lauro-saxophone

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Artist Biographies:

"Rachel Musson is a saxophonist, improviser and composer living in London, UK. She is involved with a variety of improvisation projects, including a trio with Hannah Marshall and Julie Kjaer, a duo with vibraphonist Corey Mwamba, and a trio with Mark Sanders and John Edwards. She has released two albums under her own name, one featuring Liam Noble and Mark Sanders (Tatterdemalion, Babel Records), and one featuring her ensemble Skein (Flight Line, F-ire Recorded Music). She also plays with the London Improvisers Orchestra and Alex Ward's Quintet and Sextet, and has performed with a diverse range of musicians on the fluid European improvising scene, including Alcyona Mick, Han Bennink, Liam Noble, Gail Brand, Eddie Prevost, Olie Brice, Federico Ughi, Mary Halvorson, John Russell, Adam Linson, Sebastian Rochford, Louis Moholo-Moholo, Pat Thomas, among many others."

-Rachel Musson Website (

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Naoko Saito, 齋藤直子, is a Japanese saxophonist.

-Squidco 3/22/2023

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Audrey Lauro, Belgium.

"First playing in jazz and then contemporary music following musical composition studies and gaining a Slavic Philology Master, Audrey Lauro has spent the last decade developping her music on the experimental Belgian music scene. As an alto sax player focusing mostly on free improvised music she works deeply in the language of the instrument. From the phrase to sound event through all kinds of atoms and particles.In 2012 she curates the festival Wolves Stories dedicated to the female improv scene. She invites to join the "Wolves" Maggie Nichols (UK), Mia Zabelka (AU), and 8 other female musicians to create a portrait of women through music, texts, films and experiments. In 2013 she invites Stine Janvin Motland (NO) to perform with the wolves collective.


Since 2013 she regularly worked with the innovative production platform/ensemble for multidisciplinary music projects ChampdAction ( in several productions of the collective :

- 2013 " Hold Your Horses" grand Opéra de trash in 27 acts and entr'actes

- 2014 P-Trains /Astrin Phosphora / (20 Nov 2014 at DeSingel, "Ann Eysermans et ChampdAction")

- 2015 "HRZSCHMRZ"" In the opera HRZSCHMRZ Serge Verstockt and ChampdAction put the spotlight on 'love'. They ponder the ever advancing digital world that engulfs us in our daily reality."

in 2016 A.L worked currently with Q02 ( workspace for experimental music and sound art based in Brussels), B R O N K S (Theater for a young audience /Brussels) and The National Theater " La Monnaie" for the creation " It's Frankestein Stupid", presented in may 2016 during the European Opera Days .

-Audrey Lauro Website (

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track listing:

1. Improvisation 18:03

2. a song 0923 17:06

3. Crane 1 1:54

4. Crane 2 2:15

5. Plein Chant 10:21

6. Dark Canyon 4:27
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"An omnibus compilation of saxophone solo improvisations by Rachel Musson (UK), Naoko Saito / Naoko Saito (Japan) and Audrey Lauro (Belgium).

The cover photo includes "Tongue Reading" by the photographer, Zhao Nei (National Hansen Disease Museum) and a handmade transparent braille sheet. * If you read the QR code inside the jacket with a smartphone, etc., the character data written on the jacket will be played as audio data.

This edition contains Braille sheets in English."-Armageddon Nova

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