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Alvear, Cristian / Tim Olive: Telquan (845 Audio)

Minimalist Chilean guitarist Cristian Alvear and Tim Olive first played together in October 2016, doing three concerts in Japan, Alvear returning to Japan in October of 2017 for additional performances in Kyoto and Osaka, then spending a day recording in Kobe; this single improvised piece he result of that day, heard as it was recorded, with a few structural edits.

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product information:

Label: 845 Audio
Catalog ID: 845-14
Squidco Product Code: 28218

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2019
Country: Japan
Packaging: Letterpress Recycled Chipboard Package
Recorded in Kobe, Japan, in October, 2017.


Cristian Alvear-guitar

Tim Olive-electronics

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Artist Biographies:

Chilean musician dedicated to the performance, premiere and recording of new music. He serves as co-curator of the Experimental Music Festival Relincha, in Valdivia, Chile.

Since the beginning of his career he has been constantly performing in the main auditoriums and concert halls of his country, as well as international festivals and concert venues. In recent years he has concentrated its efforts in performing educational concerts in rural areas of the Los Lagos region, in Southern Chile.

His work has been published by edition wandelweiser records (germany), irritable hedgehog (usa), cathnor (uk), rhizome.S (france), potlatch (france), 1000fŸssler (germany), lengua de lava (mexico), caduc (canada), melange editions (japan), b-boim records (austria) and erstclass (usa)."

-Cristian Alvear Website (

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"The music of Tim Olive arises from collaboration with fellow musicians/sound artists, collaboration with physical and temporal setting, and collaboration with those involved in the act of listening. Using simple materials (magnetic pickups, steel strings, tuning forks, metal strips, hand-wound motor mechanisms, magnetic tape, dental floss and analog electronics), Olive's work examines presence and the present, the interplay of the human with material/time/space, and the uniqueness, intensity and unrepeatability that lives in each performing and/or recording situation.

He is interested in music as a social activity, as a way of creating community, a way of countering the forces which lead to an increasing atomization of contemporary life; music as a felt experience rather than as a concept or a theory.

A Canadian residing in Kobe, Japan, Olive has released music on Japanese, European and North American labels, with Jeff Allport, Cristian Alvear, Pascal Battus, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Samuel Dunscombe, Nick Hoffman, Anne-F Jacques, Jin Sangtae, Jason Kahn, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Francisco Meirino, Katsura Mouri, Takuji Naka, Makoto Oshiro and Ben Owen.

Olive has performed/recorded in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe, with the recording collaborators listed above, as well as with Akiyama Tetuzi, Maria Chavez, Che Chen, Kelly Churko, crys cole, Joe Foster, Haco, Hong Chulki, Bonnie Jones, Richard Kamerman, Kostis Kilymis, Siew-Wai Kok, Madoka Kouno, Tomasz Krakowiak, Fangyi Liu, James Rushford, Carl Stone, Fritz Welch, Nate Wooley, Jared Xu and Yan Jun.

In addition to organizing events in Japan, Olive runs the label 845 Audio."

-Tim Olive 1/19/2022

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track listing:

1. Telquan 41:26
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Usually the sparring partners of Tim Olive, magnetic pick-ups player pas excellence are musicians who are also at the edges of radical improvisation, with constructions of their own making, so to see him play in duet with Cristian Alvear (see also elsewhere) is quite a surprise. Alvear is best known as a guitar player and usually to be found in very quiet surroundings. Alvear and Olive played their first three concerts in Japan in 2016 and in October the year after, they played in Kyoto and Osaka and spend a day together to record the music that found it's way onto 'Telquan'. Of it, Olive writes, "the music is heard as it was recorded, with a few structural edits". What can be noted straight away is that the guitar played by Alvear is quite loud here; I assume an acoustic one and it's just very close to the microphone. The music they play together is a very fine mix of acoustic sounds and amplification of both the space the guitar is played in and some additional small sounds played by Olive. At least that is what I assume here. The guitar is amplified, with small feedback like treatments, gives it a great ringing sound and Alvear's pick on the strings in clear and strong. The additional sounds produced by Olive is that of more delicacy; the rattling of coins, the strum of a metal rod and such like and in the second half a gentle approach to crude drones. Towards the even Alvear goes out of shape by gently detuning the strings and thus signalling we are nearing the end of a wonderful forty-one-minute trip. It is something that is both rough and gentle, loud yet quiet and is a great release."-Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

"Tim Olive has been putting out generally excellent music for some fifteen years now, much of it undeservedly below the radar. Two new ones should alter that a bit. 'telquan', a duo with Cristián Alvear is utterly striking, an intense exploration of single and paired guitar tones, with at once a rigorous structural feel and a welcome allowance for subtle variations. Quite unlike anything else I've heard from Olive (it's an improvisation, but Alvear's influence is clear)--truly riveting and outstanding. 'Charm Point', a brief set with Sound of the Mountain (Elizabeth Millar & Craig Pedersen) sometimes feels AMM-like, sometimes, when the pulse kicks in, like updated Voice Crack--always rich and imaginative. Do take the time to check them out."-Brian Olewnick

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