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Various Artists: Lao Dan / Rick Countryman / Colin Webster: Saxophone Anatomy (Armageddon Nova)

Saxophone solo improvisation omnibus by three free saxophonists from around the globe: Lao Dan from China recording in an underground bomb shelter in an agressive solo performance; US ex-pat Rick Countryman from the Philippines in a traditional yet extremely free jazz exposition; and London's Colin Webster on baritone sax for an exploration of extended techniques.

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product information:

Label: Armageddon Nova
Catalog ID: AN R-6
Squidco Product Code: 25328

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Japan
Packaging: Jewel Case
Track 1 recorded at China Laio/ning Military shelter on May 1st, 2017.

Track 2 recorded at Strawberry James Music Studio in Quezon City, Phillippines, by Mrk Estandarte.

Track 3 recorded at SoundSavers in London, England, on july 29th, 2017 by Alex Clegg.


Lao Dan-alto saxophone

Rick Countryman-alto saxophone

Colin Webster-baritone saxophone

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Artist Biographies:

"Lao Dan was born in Chinese border city Dandong in 1987. He started on Saxophone when he was 8 and took up Chinese flute in 14 when he began majored in Chinese classical music.Lao Dan decided to make flute his primary instrument when he attended ShenYang Conservatory of Music in 2007. There he focus on playing Chinese traditional music ranging from Chinese ancient music, Wuju opera, Northern Shaanxi folk music to Local Opera. At the same time, he also involved in researching Chinese modern national music.

World music caught his ears in 2011 and he turned to the study and practice of it. Dan not only embraced Indian Bansuri, Turkish kaval, but also absorbed them into his personal style. He is skillful in changing the traditional way to play Chinese flute. It can be seen from the music of Xiban that gave a glimpse of his unique improvisational ability.

He was enchanted by Jazz since he recognized and cooperated with many jazz musicians in Shanghai. It made a big difference in his performance style when he combined Voice, Chinese Suona, Bamboo Sax, Didgeridoo, Duduk, Jaw Harp with effect pedal, which rendered his music a kaleidoscope of color. Dan jointed with Xing and Yu in Red Scarf in 2013 showed his passionate willingness in the region/ area of Experimental, Free Improvisation."

-Lao Dan Facebook Page (

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"Rick Countryman (January 31, 1957) is an American jazz saxophonist and flautist.

After years attracting little attention as a baritone saxophone player, including an extended sabbatical, Rick made a late-life change to alto sax, at the urging of bassist, Simon Tan. His first recorded session with Simon and Christian Bucher, avant garde drummer from Switzerland, attracted the attention of French label "Improvising Beings" and was released as "Acceptance - Resistance". The recordings received many positive reviews, both in the United States and Europe.

Rick currently now has 9 releases on 4 labels across Europe, Asia, and the United States, including multiple CDs with Japanese improvisational drummer, Sabu Toyozumi, who has made several trips to Manila to perform and record. The music continues to receive positive reviews and airplay. Two recordings were listed in "Gold Dolphy 2018".

Since 2011, Rick has been an active member of the Manila jazz scene. He leads and performs in ensembles on baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, alto flute and bass flute; performing original compositions, as well as free jazz/improvisation, in his own jazz quartets and trios. His style is heavily influenced by Eric Dolphy, Sonny Simmons and the 60s Free Jazz movement. He was a student of Bert Wilson, and considers Michael Bisio and Rick Mandyck early mentors."

-Wikipedia (

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Colin Webster is an improvising saxophonist based in London. He is a frequent collaborator with Mark Holub, Graham Dunning, Andrew Lisle, John Dikeman, &c.

-Squidco 6/9/2021

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track listing:

1. Self-Destruct Machine 17:048

2. River Remains River 19:38

3. Homerton 19:16
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"China's Lao-Dan, who also participates in the free music group "Red Scarf", is a guerrilla recording his track in an underground bomb shelter, making use of echoes like a giant air cannon in a special place called a shelter, revealing a fast and forceful style.

Rick Countryman in the Philippines is the most "free(ly) jazz" style among the participating artists, and it keeps the "core", yet listens to the roar that keeps struggling in search of the light further beyond the next one.

Colin Webster, from London based in UK, has already released a lot of work, challenging the extreme north of expression by saxophone with a melody kept on the verge of collapse while heavily using special rendition style.

The intention of this work questioned the area of expression by saxophone from the root. It is the one that sinks deeply into the sea of ​​formalin, with each of the three standing positioned and aimed, and illuminating the differing personalities and styles respectively."-Deathrash Armageddon

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