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Nanoschlaf: Die Trockene Familie (Creative Sources)

The trio of bassist Achim Tang, prepared pianist Philip Zoubek, and trombonist Matthias Muche extended with Sven Hahne on computer and Christian Thome on drums and electronics in a freely improvised electroacoustic album of subtle pacing and diverse approaches, with many of the rhythmic elements imparting a gamelan feeling.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063402902

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: Cs290
Squidco Product Code: 21571

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded at the Loft in Kolon, Germany in early spring 2014 by Stefan Deistler.


Achim Tang-bass

Sven Hahne-computer

Christian Thome-drums, electronics

Philip Zoubek-prepared piano

Matthias Muche-trombone

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Artist Biographies:
"Achim Tang was born in Berlin in 1958.early musical experiences playing recorder, trumpet, guitar and bassguitardouble bass since 1984classical training in Basel (with Walter Imholz) and Berlin (with RandallNordstr┐m)after 1987 studies with Wayne Darling at the Hochschule fčr Musik unddarstellende Kunst in Graz (Jazzdepartment). Graduated summa cumlaude.1993 until 2004 as a freelancing musician in Vienna/Austria.Collaborations with numerous musicians from various aesthetic backgrounds, invitations to many international festivals in Germany, France, USA, Korea, China, Scandinavia, Czech Republik, Poland and other countrys, many CD releases as a sideman, personal projects, compositions for dance, theater and film1998 bis 2001 part of the educational project "Klangnetze" in Vienna, led by professor Hans Schneider and the guitarist Burkhard Stangl.after 2004 in Cologne: intensification of the educational work. Different projects with children and teenagers based on own conceptions, awarded by the Sparda Stiftung and the local government of NRW. Yet continuous activities as a freelancing musician, founding member of the musicians cooperative ZAM e.V., collaboration with the new music network in cologne, interdiciplinary projects with national and international artists, incresing involvement in the issues of art and societyafter 2008 artistic director of the educational project "Grundschule mit Musikprofil Neue und Improvisierte Musik" for the Offene Jazzhausschule Cologne, conceptional and pedagogic cooperation with the educational program of the international moers festival, intense cooperation with the Hochschule fčr Musik und Tanz and the university of cologne (teaching assignments)in 2011 living in Moers as the 4th "Improviser In Residence" of the moers festival-Achim Tang Website (

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"Sven Hahne (D) laptop, born 1978 in Karlsruhe, lives in Cologne and works as video artist, programmer, media artist, music producer and performer. He studied informatics at the university of Karlsruhe and audiovisual media at the academy of media arts cologne. His works have been on display at the ZKM karlsruhe, at the Kunsthalle Muzernok in Budapest and at the Millenium Center in beijing."

Since 2004 he has been Artistic Director and organizer of the Intermedia Improvisatin and Composition Festival "Frischzelle", together with matthias Muche. furthermore he is founder member of "ZEITKUNST", which is an association fot the advancement and conveyance of audiovisual art (

-Timeart Ensemble Website (

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"Christian Thomé (drums, electronics) studied at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam, Netherlands, using after hours to play in clubs with local bands. Besides the curriculum offered at the institute, he studied a lot of non western music and started researching South Indian Classical music from 1994.He learned the solfege system and other basics of Indian classical music, before going to Bangalore and Madras in 1995. There he studied with mridangist N.G Ravi, student to grandmaster Sivaraman. Is at the front of the new generation of european musicians bringing improvised music into the next decades. His versatile approach to jazz drumming and highly personal exploring for new sounds and techniques enables him to bridge the gap between modern jazz, pop-rock, world music, classical music and electro- acoustic improv, constantly inspired to expand his manifold range of instruments. Link laptop-based electronics with an old GDR-zither, join the Hamburg Philharmonics followed by a club set with colognes sample artist Niobe, producing a Ukrainian Singer in his own studio or interpret nursery rhymes with bowed piano: Thomé's aesthetic masters this balancing act.

Born in 1970, Christian Thomé grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany, playing music ranging from pop, rock and fusion to swing. He began playing drums at age 14, when he had already been studying the clarinet and piano from up age 6. In 1991 he went to Arnhem, The Netherlands, to attend the Arnhem Institut for the Arts, where he studied with Joop van Erven and René Creemers. During this time he let his own bands and consolidated his skills in composing and arranging. In 1997 he moved to Cologne, Germany, and has since become one of the most in demand drummers in germany's jazz/new music scene today. Christian Thomé has collaborated with Hans Lüdemann before, playing in the trio RISM and later taking part in his project "die kunst des trios".

In addition to co-leading and composing for the groups a si & twice no, Mariana Sadovska & Christian Thomé and Arnie Bolden, Christian records and tours with diverse groups including Trio Ivoir, Niobe, Trio Stockhausen/Comisso/Thomé, Nanoschlaf, Alony, and The Bliss. He recorded the debut CD "diving" of the trio collective Arnie Bolden in his own studio, where he also worked out a major arranging part for the latest CD "Entfernung" of the german pop oriented group Lühning. Christian is currently recording with the trio a si & twice no (Simin Tander - voice and Jörg Brinkmann - cello) and producing the new duo CD with Mariana Sadovska. His latest cd "hauptstrom" and debut album as a leader with his septet Tomatic 7 is available on JHM Recordings. He is teaching jazz drums at the conservatory of Osnabrück.

He also performed with musicians, including Lee Konitz, Peter Kowald, Evan Parker, Michael Moore, Dhafer Youssef, Michel Godard, Rainer Winterschladen, Ike Willis, John Goldsby, Markus Stockhausen, Claudio Puntin, Guillaume Orti, Till Brönner, Dieter Manderscheid, Frank Chastenier, Henning Sieverts, Achim Kaufmann, Sebastian Hess, Hartmut Kracht, Michiel Braam, Wilbert de Joode, Jorrit Dijkstra, Oene van Geel, Peter Fessler, Moritz Eggert, Sebastian Gramss, Nils Wogram, Matthias Schubert, Rudi Mahall a.o."

-Hans Ludermann Trio Ivoire Website (

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"Philip Zoubek (* 1978 in Tulln an der Donau ) is an Austrian pianist of the New Improvisation Music. A striking feature is his highly energetic play, the limits of the pianos, which also include preparation techniques and actions inside the instrument.

Zoubek studied piano at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna from 1996 onwards. He founded the Ubik quartet and took lessons with Uli Scherer before he enrolled at the Musikhochschule Vienna. In 2002 he moved to Cologne, where he studied with Hans Lüdemann, Frank Gratkowski and Marc Ducret. He founded the multimedia project Cauldron, with whom he won the composition competition of the bunker Ulmenwall Bielefeld and the cultural promotion award of the city of Herford; a DVD Q-Spektrum was created in 2003. With the group Snaut with Richard Koch (tp), Eric Schaefer (dr) and Christian Rainer (voice), he toured through Germany and Switzerland and became a prizewinner of the avant-garde competition for Young culture at the Düsseldorfer Altstadtherbst. Since 2004 he belongs to Achim Tang's Trio Torn, which performed successfully in 2011 in a quartet version at the Moers Festival. He was a member of the James Choice Orchestra ( Live at Moers, 2005), Ensemble Creativ, Org, Camera Obscura and the trio Muche / Zoubek / Tang. As a composer Philip Zoubek appeared with his own formation Philz. He also worked with Paul Lytton, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Ernst Glerum, Herb Robertson, Wilbert de Joode and Christian Thomé.

In 2008 he received the Horst and Gretl Will scholarship for Jazz / Improvised Music of the City of Cologne. Also in 2008 he founded the Trio Z3 with Benjamin Weidekamp and Christian Weber. The formation Z3 was born out of the idea of ​​the music of the Jimmy Giuffre -Trios of the 1960s."

-Wikipedia translated by Google (

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"Matthias Muche (D) trombone, born in 1972 lives in Cologne and works as musician and media artist. He studied trombone at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, in Rotterdam and at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Cologne with Bart van Lier, Henning Berg and Paulo Alvares and also audiovisual media with Anthony Moore at the academy of media arts cologne. Muche works in several formations, e.g. with the James Choice Orchestra, Das Mollsche Gesetz, Nils Klein Tentett, Schäl Sick Brass Band and with Mischa Mengelberg, Larry Ochs and Robyn Schulkowsky, having concert tours through Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


As media artist, Muche combines contemporary music with new media in his audiovisual works. his latest works were presented in bern, paris and during the Art Cologne. Together with Sven Hahne he has been Artistic Director of the FRISCHZELLE festival for Intermedial Performance since 2004. Furthermore he is founder member of ZEITKUNST, which is an association for the advancement and conveyance of audiovisual art."

-Timeart Ensemble Website (

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track listing:

1. Der Fiktive Maler 7:17

2. Drogenbos 6:45

3. Auf Pep Wartet Eine Rätselhafte Blonde 4:59

4. Der Unwiderstehliche Charme Der Mischwesen 7:09

5. Allein Unter Rentnern 5:25

6. Selbst Erlediger 7:57

7. Mudra Kaserne 7:34

8. Banden Hotel 6:08
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Die Trockene Familie is one of Creative Source's latest releases for 2014, and its core is the trio from the album Excerpts from anything (Tang, Zoubek, Muche - the former two from Joe Hertenstei`n's Crespect album), which I discussed here way back in April 2012. (I said one could hear the "animation of artifact" in an empty interior expanse.) The trio is supplemented by Sven Hahne (b.1978) on programming and Christian Thome on percussion to form Nanoschlaf, an ensemble with a multimedia focus. The latter again makes Die Trockene Familie something of a soundtrack, and one must imagine projected video and movement. The music often has the character of gamelan, and indeed gamelan invokes the unity of human and natural activity (especially dance), not only in music. It's an interesting album, even if it begs for a stage show, highlighting just how different some of these Creative Sources releases can be."-Todd McComb,

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