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Transistor: The Din of Eons [VINYL] (D'Autres Cordes)

The NY duo of Ben Miller (voice) and Franck Vigroux (electronics) in a studio recording influenced by industrial, punk, and electroacoustic music.

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product information:

lp limited edition 300 copies

Label: D'Autres Cordes
Squidco Product Code: 18459

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: France
Packaging: Vinyl LP in a cardstock sleeve
Recorded in June 2013 in New York City.


Franck Vigroux-electronics

Ben Miller-voice

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Artist Biographies:

"Franck Vigroux is a multifaceted artist whose works range from experimental electronic music to modern composition and music theatre. Franck Vigroux's music is made of tectonic tensions, beats, electronic textures and a very personal approach to sonic exploration. He is equally prolific as a solo artist and as a collaborator, he has worked with musician such as Elliott Sharp, Mika Vainio, Reinhold Friedl, Ars Nova... Vigroux's uniqueness comes from his artistic approach that integrates new media and performance arts. He designs transdisciplinary shows and audiovisual concerts, collaborating with visual artists such as Antoine Schmitt and Kurt d'Haeseleer."

-Franck Vigroux Website (!biofranck.html)

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"Ben Miller is an American rock and avant garde guitarist born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and now based in the NYC-metro area. He has formerly been a member of such Detroit/Ann Arbor bands as Sproton Layer, Destroy All Monsters, and non-fiction. Destroy All Monsters, in particular, still a cult favorite, was a big part of the proto-punk, punk, and post-punk Detroit rock scene, featuring such bands as the MC5, the Stooges, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, and The Up.

Miller comes from an interesting family background where all of his family members were either musicians or scientists. He is the younger brother of Roger Miller, a founding and current member of the Boston-based Mission of Burma, and an identical twin brother to Laurence B. (Larry) Miller, also a former member of Destroy All Monsters. Both of Ben's parents were scientists. His father was well known in the field of paleo-ichthyology and worked as the Curator of Fishes at the University of Michigan. His oldest brother is a well-respected professor and glaciologist. His sister was also a scientist and a professor.

Miller has collaborated with his brothers Roger and Larry on the M3 project, and a project with Roger as M2.

Miller collaborated with his twin Laurence particularly through the 1980s and early 1990s. Since Miller is a right-hander and Laurence is a left-hander, their 1980s power trio "Nonfiction" had a rather powerful visual symmetrical stage presence-the guitar and bass each pointing outward, away from the centrally positioned drummer. Laurence and Ben would typically trade off on bass and guitar, with each preferring to play guitar on his own compositions.

Miller was also instrumental in the founding of Ann Arbor avant-garde label Bulb Records, having recorded the early releases in his basement studio.

Currently Miller performs solo with his self-deconstructed multiphonic guitar (picture), Detroit's Porcelain Hammer, Empool, and NYC's Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra.

Miller grew up in Ann Arbor, attended public schools, and graduated from Pioneer High School. He studied music at the School of Contemporary Music in Boston and more recently obtained a BFA at Columbia College Chicago. Miller has three sons."

-Wikipedia (

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track listing:


something is waiting

stairwell's a spell


gravity scar

river whisper



drone transit

now (where are you)

the din of eons

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"transistor was founded in new york city by ben miller (vocals) and franck vigroux (electronics). collaboration began in 2009 followed by live performances in europe and the us. after a well-received 2010 lp, transistor is releasing destination a new studio album in 2013. transistor's live performance is known to produce intense physical energy with the use of vigroux's sub-bass frequencies and miller's cryptic vocal stance. influences range from industrial to punk to electroacoustic music."-Transistor

lp limited edition 300 copies
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