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Live at Glenn Miller Cafe

Firehouse: Live at Glenn Miller Cafe (Ayler)

2007 release from the quintet of guitarist John Lindblom, reedist Fredrik Ljungkvist, trumpeter Magnus Broo, bassist Johan Berthling, and drummer Kjell Nordeson, performing live at Sweden's Glenn Miller Cafe.

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product information:

UPC: 7320470048320

Label: Ayler
Catalog ID: aylCD-055
Squidco Product Code: 12223

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2007
Country: Sweden
Packaging: Digipack - 3 panel
Recorded at Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm, Sweeden, on January 19th and 20th, 2004 by Per Ruthstrom.


John Lindblom-guitar

Fredrik Ljungkvist-tenor sax, clarinet

Magnus Broo-trumpet

Johan Berthling-bass

-Kjell Nordeson-drums

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Artist Biographies:

"Håkan Fredrik Ljungkvist (born 29 November 1969 in Kristinehamn, Sweden), is a Swedish jazz musician (saxophone and clarinet), the son of saxophonist Håkan Ljungkvist and married to the jazz singer Lina Nyberg.

Ljungkvist was raised in Lidköping, and studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (1989-93). As jazz student he played with jazz bands in Stockholm, like Fredrik Noren Band, Lina Nyberg Group and Per "Texas" Johansson band. In 1993 he formed his own Quartet with whom he released two albums.

In 2000 he composed a 30 minutes long piece for the Pipeline project, a collaboration between 16 Swedish and American musicians on initiative by the Svenska Rikskonserter. The piece was performed in Chicago and Sweden."

-Wikipedia (

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"Magnus Broo (born 27 June 1965 in Husqvarna, Västervik, Småland, Sweden) is a Swedish jazz musician (trumpet) known from own recordings and collaboration with Norwegian jazz musicians like in the band Atomic.

Broo is the son of trumpeter, raised in Västervik, and participated in Visby big band before he attended musical training at North Texas State University (1984-1990). Back in Sweden, he was incorporated into Fredrik Norén Band (1991-1999), and also collaborated in the orchestra of Lennart Åberg.

Broo's expression is a continuation of free jazz and Ornette Coleman's style from the 1960'th, and he is central in the Norwegian/Swedish band Atomic (1999-). He also leads his own 'Magnus Broo Quartet with Torbjörn Gulz on piano, Mattias Welin on bass and Jonas Holgersson on drums. They released the albums Sudden Joy (1999), Levitaton (2001), Sugar Promise(2003) and Pain Body (2008). Moreover, he also collaborates in Fredrik Nordström Quintet."

-Wikipedia (

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"Johan Berthling (* 1973 in Stockholm ) is a Swedish jazz and improvisational musician ( contrabass , electric bass , also piano ).

Berthling studied at the Royal Music College in Stockholm from 1996-1998 . Since then, he has worked in the Swedish and international jazz and improvisation scene in various ensembles including David Stackenäs , Raymond Strid , Fredrik Ljungkvist , Sten Sandell , Paal Nilssen-Love , Akira Sakata , Mats Gustafsson , Jonas Kullhammar and the Christer Bothén Acoustic Ensemble. In the field of jazz, he was involved in 23 recording sessions between 1996 and 2014. He also worked with folkmusicist and songwriter Nicolai Dunger ( roasting och herren , 2007)."

-Wikipedia translated by Google (

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track listing:

1. Cyklone Song 6:34

2. Slow Glow 6:36

3. Nothing Too Eccentric 10:32

4. Sing Song 7:50

5. Bright Lights, Clean Fights 6:27

6. Inner Place, Outer Space 6:45

7. What I Say 7:43
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Some recordings are made for the public and some like this are for professional and advanced musicians. Ken Smith (a professional brass and reed player round town) told me how new doors had been opened for him musically after I had given him a recording like this. In the liner notes is mentioned about elements of rock and jazz being brought together on this CD ... and that is right ... advanced rock and jazz players and music teachers would find this CD of great interest.

John Lindblom-bandleader and guitarist plays everything you can possibly play on the guitar...wide power chords, harmonics, triplets,bent notes, hammering on the strings, and diffrent scales (not too far away from the free jazz influenced metal bands "Metallica and Pantera"). This would inspire any guitarist who wants to ascend to greater heights of skill and knowledge.

Kjell Norderson is a drummer with a light touch who is very musical. Many pop bands round town are let down by bad drummers who drown out the rest of the band and then fill the room with boom crash bang!!!!! The audience then tends to leave the venue to make room for it. If you have plans to become a great drummer ... this is one of the men to inspire you ... with his light improvising touch over the whole range of the kit .. playing a lot but not loud .. supporting the other musicians and playing just the right thing at the right time.

Magnus Broo the trumpeter draws his influences from all over jazz...from Louis Armstrong thru Dizzy Gilllespie to Lester Bowie .. something you see a bit more often these days.

Fredrik Ljungkvist tenor sax and clarinet . .plays hard speed metal like runs ala Ayler on his instruments .. yes this is right ... much metal and hard rock is influenced by out free jazz.

This musician has learnt from the great Ornette Coleman and has turned what he has learnt into something wonderful. John Berthling on acoustic upright bass (very unusual for a jazz-rock fusion session)-but it works out well keeping everything together down the bottom).

With all these good musicians coming together to play, something spiritual comes out here ... Broo and Ljungkvist enlarge the golden spirit of Coleman ... helped by the other musicians ..t. hey open a portal to a golden world ... a spiritual world of freedom ... a far better place ... It is for those moments I enjoy reviewing music."-Geoffrey Totton, International Music Forum

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