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Squidco's Reward Programs offers our mailing list customers who buy any 10 new items that cost $9.95 or more a coupon for $10.00! The 10 items don't have to come from a single order, but can be accumulated over multiple orders. Reward points will only apply to NEW items costing $9.95 or more. Used items, closeouts, last copy items, and items on sale are not eligible for the reward program.

Here's how the Reward Program works:

• To be eligible for Squidco's Rewards Program you must be a member of our mailing list at the time you place a qualifying order, and at the time we send you the reward coupon. All orders eligible for reward points must use our shopping cart.

• Each time we ship a new item to you that is priced at $9.95 or more will earn you a point. Your order invoice will show the number of reward points that you've accumulated, including the points from that invoice.

• When you accumulate 10 points you will receive a Squidco coupon for $10.00. You don't need to do anything to receive the reward, we'll track the number of reward points that you earn and automatically send you a coupon when you've accumulated 10 points.

• You can earn as many coupons as you earn sets of 10 points, but you can only apply one $10.00 coupon to an order.

• Each coupon can be used for a future order to reduce that order's total by $10.00.

• Coupons will be valid for one year from the date we send them.

• Eligible items for reward points are new items only that are not already on sale. Used items, closeouts, and items that have had a specific price reduction for a sale are not eligible for reward points. Reward points are not accumulated during store-wide sales that offer discounts on the regular retail price of items.

• Items are individual products that we sell, regardless of the number of components it contains. That is, a new CD earns one reward point, as does a new 4 LP set.

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