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International Nothing, The: Mainstream (Ftarri)

International Nothing, The (Fagaschinski / Thieke): Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything (Ftarri)

International Nothing, The: The Dark Side of Success (Ftarri)

Jennifer Allum / John Butcher / Ute Kanngiesser / Eddie Prevost: Sounds of Assembly (Meenna)

Tim: Brady Playing Guitar: Symphony #1 (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Various Artists (Reichel / Williams / Smith / Ellis / Plimley / Rothenberg / &c): Dix Improvisations - Victoriaville 1989 (Les Disques Victo)

Slawterhaus (Rose / Hollinger / Bauer / Diesner): Live (Les Disques Victo)

Elliott Sharp / Zeena Parkins : >Blackburst< (Les Disques Victo)

Ben Goldberg (Goldberg / Ellis / Dunn / Sarin / Schott / Ochs): Eight Phrases For Jefferson Rubin (Les Disques Victo)

Hard Rubber Orchestra: Cruel Yet Fair (Les Disques Victo)

Mari Kimura / Roberto Morales Manzanares : Leyendas (Les Disques Victo)

Paul Cram Orchestra ‎: Campin Out (Les Disques Victo)

Aki Takase / Konrad Bauer: News from Berlin (Les Disques Victo)

Eugene Chadbourne / Rene Lussier: L'Oasis (Les Disques Victo)

My Cat Is An Alien: Il Suono Venuto Dallo Spazio (Les Disques Victo)

Martin Tetreault / Kid Koala: Phon-O-Victo (Les Disques Victo)

Various Artists: Victoriaville Matiere Sonore (Les Disques Victo)

Morris / Fell / Ward: The Necessary And The Possible (Les Disques Victo)

Strings5: Lost In Labyrinth (Casco Records)

Blue Lines Trio (Scheen / van der Weide / Hadow): Blue Lines Trio (Casco Records)

Blue Lines Sextet (Rave / Maris / Wierbos / Scheen / van der Weide / Hadow): Live At The BIMhuis (Casco Records)

Grant Weston Calvin / Lucas Brode: Flying Kites [CD + DOWNLOAD] (577 Records)

Joe: Morris Perpetual Frontier The Properties of Free Music [BOOK] (Riti Publishing)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells At Eels (feat. Rodrigo Amado): The Great Bydgoszcz Concert (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels: Cape of Storms (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels: Resurrection and Life (Ayler)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells at Eels: Colorado at Clinton (Ayler)

Marc: Ducret Tower-Bridge [2 CDs] (Ayler)

Well... The Yes (Jeph Jerman / Dave Knott): No, Really. [CASSETTE] (Self Released)

Fred Lonberg-Holm / Joe McPhee: No Time Left for Sadness (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Peter: Brotzmann Along The Way [BOOK] (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Sun Ra and His Arkestra: I Struck a Match on the Moon / Dreamsville [7-inch VINYL] (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Uneven Eleven: Live at Cafe OTO [2 CDs] (Sub Rosa)

Merzbow / Pan Sonic: V (Les Disques Victo)

Quartetski: Quartetski Does Bartok - Mikrokosmos, Sz 107 (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Ignaz Schick / Martin Tetreault: Live * 33 * 45 * 78 (Ambiances Jazz)

Mankind: Ice Machine (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Normand Guilbeault Ensemble: Live at Upstairs 2008. Hommage a Mingus (Ambiances Jazz)

Joelle, Leandre Quentin Sirjacq: Out of Nowhere (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Antoine Berthiaume / Elliott Sharp: BASE (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Taxonomy: Fega / Lella / Martusciello: 10 Taxonomical Movements (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Bernard Falaise : Clic (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Jean Derome et les Dangereux Zhoms: To Continue (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Andre: Duchesne Cordes a Danser...Suite Saquenayenne (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Pierre: Cartier Chansons de la Belle Esperance (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Philippe Lauzier / Miles Perkin / Robbie Kuster: Today is a Special Day (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Taxonomy: A Global Taxonomical Machine (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Normand Guilbeault Ensemble: Mingus Erectus (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Pierre Langevin / Pierre Tanguay: La Boulezaille (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Derek Bailey / Berthiaume, Antoine / Frith, Fred: Soshin (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Ganesh Anandan / Hans Reichel: Self Made (Ambiances Jazz)

Quatuor Bozzini: Alvin Lucier: Navigations (Collection QB)

John Butcher / Philippe Lauzier / Eric Normand: How Does This Happen? (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Pierre-Andre: Arcand Atlas Epileptic [CD & CD Video] (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Cote / Ceccarelli: Vulgarites (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Charity: Chan Somewhere the Sea and Salt (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Martin: Tetreault Snipettes! [2 CDs] (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Tom Prehn Quartet: Centrifuga & Solhverv (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Federico: Ughi Songs For Four Cities (Skycap Records)

Federico Ughi (Ughi / Irwin / Snyder / Adu / Swanson): Heart Talk [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] (577 Records)

The Moon : Good And Evil (577 Records)

Richard Teitelbaum / Carlos Zingaro: The Sea Between (Les Disques Victo)

Marilynn: Crispell Labyrinths (Les Disques Victo)

Konrad: Bauer Toronto Tone (Les Disques Victo)

Zeena Parkins (Parkins / Parkins / Parkins / Cochrane / Mori / Shea): Ursa's Door (Les Disques Victo)

Paul Plimley / Lisle Ellis / Gregg Bendian : Noir (Les Disques Victo)

Konrad Bauer Trio (Bauer / Sommer / Kowald): Three Wheels - Four Directions (Les Disques Victo)

Henry Kaiser / Mari Kimura / Jim O'Rourke / John Oswald : Acoustics (Les Disques Victo)

Lisle Ellis / Cauley / Robinson / Ruthier / Ochs / McPhee / Spearman: Elevations (Les Disques Victo)

Yannick: Rieu Sweet Geom (Les Disques Victo)

Charles: Gayle Unto I Am (Les Disques Victo)

Non Credo: Happy Wretched Family (Les Disques Victo)

Boris: Kovac Anamnesis: Ecumenical Mysteries (Les Disques Victo)

Rova: Ptow!! (Les Disques Victo)

Phil Minton Quartet: Mouthfull of Ecstasy (Les Disques Victo)

Mario Schiano (Schiano / Guy / Lovens / Parker / Tramontana): Social Security (Les Disques Victo)

Annemarie Roelofs' Waste Watchers: Music From The Land Of Milk And Honey (Les Disques Victo)

New Winds ( Rothenberg / Robertson / Dick): Potion (Les Disques Victo)

Lee Ranaldo / William Hooker / Jim O'Rourke / Gianni Gebbia: Clouds: Victoriaville Concert May 1997 (Les Disques Victo)

Paul Plimley Trio: Safe-Crackers (Les Disques Victo)

Urs Leimgruber / Marilyn Crispell / Joelle Leandre / Fritz Hauser: Quartet Noir (Les Disques Victo)

Hard Rubber Orchestra (feat Marilyn Lerner / Peggy Lee): Rub Harder (Les Disques Victo)

Xavier Charles / Diane Labrosse / Kristoff K. Roll / Martin Tetreault ‎: Tout le monde en place pour un set americain (Les Disques Victo)

Kazue Sawai / Michel Doneda / Kazuo Imai / Le Quan Ninh / Tetsu Saitoh: Une chance pour l'ombre (Les Disques Victo)

Helene Breschand / Jean-Francois Pauvros: Sombre (Les Disques Victo)

Chadbourne / Blechdom: The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience (Les Disques Victo)

Jean Derome And The Dangereux Zhoms + 7: Plates-Formes Et Traquenards (Les Disques Victo)

Lussier / Tetreault / Yoshihide: Elektrik Toboggan (Les Disques Victo)

Gunda Gottschalk / Xu Fengxia: You Lan (Les Disques Victo)

Kihlstedt / Bossi / Ismaily: Causing A Tiger (Les Disques Victo)

Phillips / Jauniaux / Goldstein: Birds Abide (Les Disques Victo)

Pinhas / Merzbow / Wolf Eyes: Victoriaville May 2011 (Les Disques Victo)

Evan Parker ElectroAcoustic Septet: Seven (Les Disques Victo)

Evan Parker ElectroAcoustic Ensemble (w/ Sainkho Namtchylak): Fixing the Fluctuating Idea (Les Disques Victo)

Roscoe: Mitchell Songs In The Wind (Les Disques Victo)

Ken: Vandermark The Field Within a Line (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Vario 34 (Christmann / Frangenheim / Gustafsson / Lehn / Lovens): Vario 34-3 (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Henry Kaiser / Rome Yamilov: The Lenoir Investigation (Little Village)

Daniel Carter / Tobias Wilner / Djibril Toure / Federico Ughi: New York United Volume 2 [VINYL] (577 Records)

Vinny: Golia Quartet Take Your Time (Relative Pitch)

Matthew Shipp Trio: Root Of Things (Relative Pitch)

Matana Roberts : Always (Relative Pitch)

Jessica Pavone : Silent Spills (Relative Pitch)