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Wadada Smith Leo / Anthony Braxton: Saturn, Conjunct the Grand Canyon in a Sweet Embrace (Pi Recordings)

Steve Lehman Trio, feat. Matt Brewer and Damion Reid: Dialect Fluorescent (Pi Recordings)

Rivers / Holland / Altschul: Reunion: Live in New York [2 CDs] (Pi Recordings)

Steve Coleman and Five Elements: Live at the Village Vanguard, Vol. I (The Embedded Sets) [2 CDs] (Pi Recordings)

Liberty: Ellman Last Desert (Pi Recordings)

Tyshawn Sorey Trio + 1 w/ Greg Osby: The Off-Off Broadway Guide to Synergism [3 CDs] (Pi Recordings)

Miles Okazaki (w/ Mitchell / Tidd / Rickman): Thisness (Pi Recordings)

Edith: Alonso Collapse (Aural Terrains)

David Ryan (Crosby / Innocenti / Lash): Fields And Refrains (Aural Terrains)

Myra Melford's Fire And Water Quintet: For The Love Of Fire And Water (RogueArt)

Joshua Abrams' Cloud Script: Cloud Script [VINYL] (RogueArt)

Cote / Ceccarelli: Vulgarites (Ambiances Magnetiques)

L' Ensemble Pierre Labbe (w/ Alarie / Bonin / Falaise / Lavergne / Trudeau): Risque et pendule (Ambiances Magnetiques)

AnteNata: AnteNata (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Evidence (Cartier / Derome / Tanguay): Monk Work (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Joane: Hetu Nouvelle Musique d'Hiver (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Melanie: Auclair Decor sonore (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Satoko Fujii ma-do: Heat Wave (Libra)

Gato Libre (Fujii / Tamura / Kaneko): Neko (Libra)

Pierre: Labbe Manivelle (Ambiances Jazz)

Jean Derome : Resistances (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Antoine Berthiaume / MaryClare Brzytwa: Bebe Donkey (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Joelle Leandre / Gianni Lenoci: Sur une balancoire (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Tabassian / Martel / Tabassian: Masafat (Ambiances Magnetiques)

DB Boyko / Christine Duncan / Jean Martin: Idiolalla (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Pierre-Yves: Martel Engagement & Confrontation (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Ensemble SuperMusique: Canevas "+" (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Various Artists: Magnetiques Volume 5: Chante! 1985-2000 (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Ganesh Anandan / Gzowski, John : Shruti Project (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Les Poules: Hetu, Labrosse, Roger: Phenix (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Thomas / Butcher / Solberg : Fictional Souvenirs [CD] (Astral Spirits)

Shirosihi / Golia / Fujioka / Cline: Borasisi (Astral Spirits)

Susan Alcorn / Joe McPhee / Ken Vandermark: Invitation To A Dream (Astral Spirits)

Colin Fisher Quartet: Living Midnight (Astral Spirits)

Chicago Underground Quartet: Good Days (Astral Spirits)

Karl Evangelista (w/ Alexander Hawkins / Louis Moholo-Moholo / Trevor Watts): Apura! [2 CDs] (Astral Spirits)

Brandon Seabrook (w/ Cooper-Moore / Gerald Cleaver): Exultations (Astral Spirits)

Thollem (w/ Alex Cline / Susan Alcorn): Thollem's Astral Traveling Sessions (Astral Spirits)

Susie Ibarra / Tashi Dorji: Master of Time [VINYL] (Astral Spirits)

Nick Fraser / Kris Davis / Tony Malaby (with Laubrock & Allemano): Zoning (Astral Spirits)

Artifacts (Nicole Mitchell / Tomeka Reid / Mike Reed): ...and then there's this [VINYL] (Astral Spirits)

Zeena Parkins / Wobbly: Triplicates (Relative Pitch)

Peter Brotzmann / Lonberg-Holm, Fred: Memories Of A Tunicate (Relative Pitch)

Jemeel: Moondoc The Zoopkeeper's House (Trio/Quartet/Quintet) (Relative Pitch)

MoE w/ Mette Rasmussen / Ikuro Takahashi: Painted (Relative Pitch)

Jon Asencio / Sylvie Chenard: Ocean a vendre / for sale (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Magill / Hatcher / Kirchen / Kirshner: Whole Abandoned Star (Kettle Hole Records)

Gerrit Hatcher / Rob Magill / Patrick Shiroishi: Triplet Fawns (Kettle Hole Records)

Gato Libre: Forever (Libra)

Satoko Fujii New Trio: Spring Storm (Libra)

Mahobin (Fujii / Anker / Tamura / Mori): Live at Big Apple in Kobe (Libra)

Satoko Fujii / Orchestra New York: Entity (Libra)

Satoko: Fujii Hazuki (Libra)

Satoko Fujii Tokyo Trio: Moon on the Lake (Libra)

Ikue Mori / Satoko Fujii / Natsuki Tamura: Prickly Pear Cactus (Libra)

Gato Libre: Nomad (No Man's Land)

Satoko Fujii Quartet: Angelona (Libra)

Peter Brotzmann / Han Bennink: Schwarzwaldfahrt [CD + BOOK] (Trost Records)

Harry: Bertoia Sonambients: The Sound Sculpture Of Harry Bertoia [CD + DVD] (Important Records)

Brian Eno Performed by Dedalus Ensemble : Discreet Music / Music For Airports / Tuesday Afternoon [2 CDs] (Sub Rosa)

Michael: Zerang Assyrian Caesarean [VINYL] (Holidays Records)

Eva: Novoa Novoa / Kamaguchi / Cleaver Trio - Vol. 1 [VINYL CLEAR] (577 Records)

Sabu Toyozumi / Rick Countryman: Sol Abstraction (Sol Disk Records)

Sabu Toyozumi / Rick Countryman: Misaki Castle Tower (ChapChap Records)

Marc Ducret (w/ Martinez / Helary / Bopp / Ducret): Palm Sweat: Marc Ducret Plays the Music of Tim Berne [VINYL 2 LPs] (Out Of Your Head Records)

Marc Ducret (w/ Martinez / Helary / Bopp / Ducret): Palm Sweat: Marc Ducret Plays the Music of Tim Berne (Out Of Your Head Records)

Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere: 02 (Discus)

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere: 03 (Discus)

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere: Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere (Discus)

Tony: Oxley February Papers (Discus)

Derek Bailey / Mick Beck / Paul Hession: Meanwhile, Back In Sheffield... (Discus)

Keith Tippett Octet: The Nine Dances Of Patrick O'Gonogon (Discus)

Keith Tippett / Matthew Bourne: Aeolian [2 CDs] (Discus)

Cecil Taylor / Tony Oxley: Being Astral And All Registers - Power Of Two (Discus)

Chang / Davies / Drouin / Durrant / Patterson / Tilbury: Variable Formations (Another Timbre)

Magnus Granberg : Es Schwindelt Mir, Es Brennt Mein Eingweide (Another Timbre)

Julius Eastman / Apartment House: Femenine (Another Timbre)

Magnus Granberg / Skogen: Nun, es wird nicht weit mehr gehn (Another Timbre)

Morton Feldman (Philip Thomas): Piano [5 CD BOX SET] (Another Timbre)

Magnus Granberg / Skogen: Let Pass My Weary Guiltless Ghost (Another Timbre)

Allison Cameron / Apartment House: Somatic Refrain (Another Timbre)

Biliana Voutchkova / Sarah Davachi: Slow Poem for Stiebler (Another Timbre)

Christoph Schiller / Morgan Evans-Weiler: Spinet & Violin (Another Timbre)

Kraig: Grady Monument Of Diamonds (Another Timbre)

Martin: Arnold Stain Ballads (Another Timbre)

Anders Dahl & Skogen: Rows (Another Timbre)

Doneda / Kocher / Schiller : ///Grape Skin (Another Timbre)

EUPHORIUM_freakestra (feat Wadada Leo Smith / Barre Phillips): Free Acoustic Supergroup (Chicago New York Berlin, Dresden Luzern Leipzig) [2 CDs] (Euphorium)

Steve Swell's Fire Into Music ( w/ Moondoc / Parker / Drake): For Jemeel: Fire From The Road [3 CDs] (RogueArt)

Charles Hayward : (Begin Anywhere) (Klanggalerie)

Matthew Shipp / William Parker: Re-Union (RogueArt)

Fred Frith / Annie Lewandowski: Long As In Short, Walk As In Run (Klanggalerie)

Bob: Drake Planets & Animals (Recommended Records)

Matthew Shipp / Evan Parker: Leonine Aspects (RogueArt)

All Set (Laubrock / Payen / Tordini / Rainey): All Set (RogueArt)

Rob: Mazurek All Distances Inform (RogueArt)

Judson Trio (Leandre / Maneri / Cleaver): Light And Dance [2 CDs] (RogueArt)

Lean Left (The Ex guitars meet Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo): Live at Cafe Oto (Unsounds)

Butcher / Buck / Mayas / Stangl: Plume (Unsounds)

Lean Left: Live At Area Sismica (Unsounds)

Magda Mayas / Christine Abdelnour: Myriad (Unsounds)

Thermal (John Butcher / Andy Moor / Thomas Lehn): Ice In A Hot World (Unsounds)

BolZagO (Andrea Bolzoni / Francesco Zago): Music from the Lounge (Creative Sources)

Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Torres / Serries: Brecht (Creative Sources)

Flak / Guilherme Rodrigues / Bruno Parrinha / Ernesto Rodrigues: Aeon (Creative Sources)

The Flame (Robert Mitchell / Neil Charles / Mark Sanders): Towards The Flame, Vol. 1 [VINYL CLEAR] (577 Records)

Gerald: Cleaver 22 / 23 [VINYL VIOLET OPAQUE] (Positive Elevation / 577 Records)

Werckmeister (Markus Eichenberger / Carl Ludwig Hubsch / Philip Zoubek / Etienne Nillesen): Two Movements (Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Bruno Parrinha / Guilherme Rodrigues : Signes Emergents (Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Guilherme Rodrigues / Joao Madeira / Bruno Parrinha / Monsieur Trinite: Derive (Creative Sources)

Jean-Luc Guionnet / Eric La Casa / Philip Samartzis: Stray Shafts of Sunlight (Swarming)

Jean-Luc Guionnet / Eric La Casa / Philip Samartzis: Soleil d'Artifice (Swarming)

Eric La Casa : Paris Quotidien [CD+60 page booklet of photos & text] (Swarming)

Eric: La Casa AIR.ratio (Swarming)

Eric: La Casa Barrieres Mobiles [CD + 40pg BOOKLET] (Swarming)

Rouge Ciel: Veuillez Proceder (Monsieur Fauteux)

Henry Fraser / Camilo Angeles / Jason Nazary: Aqrabuamelu (Tripticks Tapes)

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