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Vinyl Recordings

Kuchen, Martin: Det Forsvunnas Namn [VINYL] Kuchen, Martin:
Det Forsvunnas Namn [VINYL]

(thanatosis produktion -- Sweden )

Price: $19.95    

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Using baritone and alto saxophones, speakers and an iPod, Swedish improviser Martin Kuchen (Angles, Exploding Customer, UNSK, Looper, &c) takes his listeners on a demented tour of extended technique and curiously unexpected sounds from the saxophone, focusing on textures and non-abrasive approaches to create an abundance of unexpected and oddly engaging, concise improvisations.

Kahn, Jason: Days Falling [VINYL 2 LPs] Kahn, Jason:
Days Falling [VINYL 2 LPs]

(Editions -- Austria )

Price: $32.95    

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After riding through his city of Zurich to the Kunstraum Walcheturm studio in 2020, Jason Kahn was struck by the quiet aspects of the usually busy city, now quelled by pandemic; entering the studio feeling the desolation and strange sense of peacefulness in the midst of so much tragedy and suffering, he recorded these "songs" of passionate free vocal improvisations and acoustic guitar.

Branciforte, Joseph / Theo Bleckmann : LP1 [VINYL] Branciforte, Joseph / Theo Bleckmann :

(Greyfade -- USA )

Price: $22.95    

In Stock

"The debut recording from Grammy-nominated vocalist Theo Bleckmann (ECM) and electronic musician and producer Joseph Branciforte. Vocal loops of hushed beauty framed by artificially-synthesized tones, deep subharmonic oscillations, and ...

Kirschner, Kenneth / Joseph Branciforte: From the Machine: Volume 1 [VINYL] Kirschner, Kenneth / Joseph Branciforte:
From the Machine: Volume 1 [VINYL]

(Greyfade -- USA )

Price: $22.95    

In Stock

"The first volume in an ongoing collaboration between composers Kenneth Kirschner and Joseph Branciforte, From the Machine explores the application of software-based compositional techniques - including algorithmic processes, generative...

Forsberg, Marta: TKAC  [VINYL] Forsberg, Marta:

(thanatosis produktion -- Greece )

Price: $19.95    

In Stock

Tkać means to weave, as Swedish electroacoustic sound artist Marta Forsberg interwines drones, first through a work of sound and light using frozen and processed violin sounds that slowly shift in minimal repetition; then in a synthetic work exploring darkness, light and colour by means of LED light, fabric, sequins, and minimalistic drone-based electronic music.

Alcorn, Susan Quintet: Pedernal [VINYL] Alcorn, Susan Quintet:
Pedernal [VINYL]

(Very Good -- USA )

Price: $19.95    

In Stock

An innovator in integrating pedal steel guitar into modern improvised music, Cleveland-born, Baltimore-based pedal steel guitar player Susan Alcorn's quintet enlists a superb set of New York players--Mark Feldman on violin, Michael Formanek on double bass, Mary Halvorson on guitar, and Ryan Sawyer on drums--taking on a diverse set of Alcorn compositions.

Alcorn, Susan / Phillip Greenlief: Prism Mirror Lens [VINYL] Alcorn, Susan / Phillip Greenlief:
Prism Mirror Lens [VINYL]

(Very Good -- USA )

Price: $19.95    

In Stock

A beautifully balanced encounter between Baltimore pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn and Bay Area reedist Phillip Greenlief, performing on tenor saxophone & B-flat clarinet, improvising four "colors" as the two span the spectrum from rapid interaction of weaving and pointillistic playing into deeply introspective and ruminating discourse, each the perfect complement for the other.

Burroughs, William S.: Ali's Smile [VINYL] Burroughs, William S.:
Ali's Smile [VINYL]

(Paradigm Discs -- E.U. )

Price: $27.95    

In Stock

"This record is divided into two sections. The first part is the title track and takes up most of side one. Ali's Smile was first published in 1971 and was privately released as a one-sided LP, in an edition of 99 copies. It came in a p...

Nace, Bill: One Note (Solo Guitar 2) [VINYL] Nace, Bill:
One Note (Solo Guitar 2) [VINYL]

(Open Mouth -- USA )

Price: $25.95    

In Stock

"Solo Guitar 2 was recorded by Bill Nace in 2008, in a good-sounding room in Bennington, Vermont. This year the record, originally released as a now (nearly) extinct cassette, is reissued without it's mysterious and (maybe?) long-lost s...

Parker, Evan: Collected Solos [VINYL 4LP BOX / CASSETTE] Parker, Evan:
Collected Solos [VINYL 4LP BOX / CASSETTE]

(Otoroku -- UK )

Price: $179.95    

Out of Stock

A limited edition box set of solo Evan Parker, reissuing the 1986 Incus label box of four previous Incus LPs (Saxophone Solos (1976), The Snake Decides (1986), Monoceros (1978), and Six of One (1982)) plus a cassette of previously unreleased material, here in a beautifully produced box with a booklet by Paul Haines signed by Evan Parker, eacg box hand numbered 000/250.

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