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Kahn / Muller / Wolfarth: Limmat
Kahn / Muller / Wolfarth:

(Mikroton Recordings -- Russia )

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The 2nd CD from the electroacoustic trio of Gunter Muller, Jason Kahn & Christian Wolfarth, an entrancing and mysterious set of extended and unedited improvisations.

Marclay, Christian: More Encores
Marclay, Christian:
More Encores

(Recommended Records -- Great Britain )

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Wolfarth, Christian: Wolfarth
Wolfarth, Christian:

(For4Ears -- Switzerland )

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Wolfarth, Christian: Spuren [VINYL]
Wolfarth, Christian:
Spuren [VINYL]

(Hiddenbell Records -- Switzerland )

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The two parts of "Spuren" from Swiss percussionist Christian Wolfarth cover each side in an album of concentrative timbre and strategy, evoking continuous sounds that are diverted into unexpected avenues, drawing the listener into trance-like states with rich resonance, tone, and malleable rhythms, then surprising with unforseen audio twists.

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