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Peters, Steve

Chamber Music [CD BOX + USB]

Peters, Steve: Chamber Music [CD BOX + USB] (ANTS Records)

A series of sound installations derived from a single recording made in the empty spaces in which they are later presented, with no people present during the recording including the composer, filtered to isolate and amplify certain of the room's resonant frequencies, creating a series of drones which are the only sound materials used; no musical instruments are involved.

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Steve Peters-engineer, concept, composer

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Cardboard Box (cm. 14 x 14 x 2,6) containing: 1 USB drive (8GB); 1 audio CD; 80-page booklet with photographs and liner notes by the artist. Limited Edition of 50 unique numbered copies.

Label: ANTS Records
Catalog ID: BX08
Squidco Product Code: 33873

Format: CD + USB
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Italy
Packaging: BOXSET w/ CD + USB + 80 PAGE BOOKLET
Recorded at various art installations between 2010 and 2013.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

This BOX edition (limited to 50 copies) includes, a full CD, a substantial booklet (80-page with texts and images of the installations) and a USB drive key containing the complete versions of all the Chamber Pieces, as well as several other related works created using the same basic process in other contexts, for a total of more than 12 hours of music.

"From the author's liner notes:

"Chamber Music is a series of sound installations derived from a single recording made in the empty spaces in which they are later presented. No people are present during the recording (including myself), although some sound inevitably leaks in from the outside world. That source recording is filtered to isolate and amplify certain of the room's resonant frequencies, creating a series of drones which are the only sound materials used; no musical instruments are involved. The finished work is then played back in the space at low volume.

Between 2005 and 2013 I made ten pieces in this series, each somewhat different than the others in terms of form and technique. I think of them as being related to light as much as sound - the way natural light moves through a space, the shadows and hue of the room shifting subtly throughout the day."

Steve Peters' sound art is completely out of the box and free. His research addresses the intimate essence of the sound of nature and things. For Peters every place is an instrument - in the literal sense and in the musical sense of the word. A place where sound already exists, or where it can be made to exist. In the form that the place suggests and that the artist's inspiration receives and regenerates. You can call it sound art or compositions, installations or songs. Either way, it's a whole new world of sound sensations.

John Cage was the first to clear the sound of nature (and also of human activities) as "music", and after him many other artists followed him. Following this path Steve Peters found his original voice in the places he's been and traveled. Most of his music has a strong connection with the environment: it's made of it, it's connected with it, it's inspired by it, it's derived from it.

Steve Peters composes music and sound for concerts, recordings, art venues, public places, dance & theater, radio, and moving image. HIs work is often site-based, combining location sound with voices, instruments, electronics, and found or natural objects. He performs with the Seattle Phonographers Union and in various improvising situations, and frequently collaborates with artists in other disciplines. He's also a freelance producer, writer, and curator. His work has been released by 12k, Cold Blue, Palace of Lights, and several other labels. He's the Director of Nonsequitur, a historical non-profit organization presenting adventurous music and audio art, currently via the Wayward Music Series at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle."-ANTS

Cardboard Box (cm. 14 x 14 x 2,6) containing: 1 USB drive (8GB); 1 audio CD; 80-page booklet with photographs and liner notes by the artist. Limited Edition of 50 unique numbered copies.

Artist Biographies

"Steve Peters was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and raised in the suburbs of southern California. He graduated from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where he studied music composition, worked at KAOS-FM, and played in rock bands. He wrote for OP Magazine and other publications, and with Rich Jensen produced Snapshot Radio, a monthly three-hour radio program devoted solely to the sounds of daily life.

In the mid-1980s Peters lived in New York City, playing mainly improvised music in the East Village. He also began working with dancers, and attended performance workshops with members of Meredith Monk's company The House.

Moving to Santa Fé, New Mexico in 1988, he and Jonathan Scheuer soon co-founded Nonsequitur, a non-profit organization publishing recordings of experimental music and audio art. Abandoning the style of music he had played in New York, Steve recorded environmental sounds in the mountains and high desert, made radio art, recorded with singer Marghreta Cordero as Dueto Le Mômo, and was a member of Gamelan Encantada.

Moving to Albuquerque in 1993, he hosted radio programs on KUNM-FM, collaborated with choreographer Lane Lucas, and scored a documentary about painter Agnes Martin. Performing solo and with others, he developed a more subdued style of improvising with an array of small instruments, amplified natural/found objects, voice, field recordings, and electronics. This led to a more direct engagement with landscape and place, evolving into the site-specific sound environments that have since become his main focus.

Steve returned to the Northwest in 2004. He currently oversees the Wayward Music Series at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle, works as a freelance producer, writer, and curator, and performs with the Seattle Phonographers Union. Some of his notable recent projects include producing the soundtrack album for the feature film Winter's Bone, and attending a three-week Binaural artist residency in Nodar, Portugal. His solo work has been released on labels such as Palace of Lights, Cold Blue, Dragon's Eye, La Alameda Press, OO Discs, and SIRR."-12K

-Steve Peters Website (

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Track Listing:


1. Chamber Music I: Suyama 6:20

2. Chamber Music II: Atrium 6:41

3. Chamber Music III: Silent Room 6:06

4. Chamber Music IV: Filtered Light 9:13

5. Chamber Music V: Stained Glass 8:02

6. Chamber Music VI: Two Ways of Listening to Nothing 8:03

7. Chamber Music VII: Solar Ring 8:02

8. Chamber Music VIII: Particles and Waves 7:09

9. Chamber Music IX: Northern Light 6:13

10. Chamber Music X: Airforms 7:59


1. Chamber Music I: Suyama /Uprising 1:05:00

2. Chamber Music II: Atrium 58:19

3. Chamber Music III: Silent Room 59:44

4.Chamber Music IV: Filtered Light 1:00:05

5. Chamber Music V: Stained Glass 1:01:17

6. Chamber Music VI: Two Ways Of Listening To Nothing 34:25

7. Chamber Music VII: Solar Ring 1:00:00

8. Chamber Music VIII: Particles / Waves 56:39

9. Chamber Music IX: Northern Light 56:48

10. Chamber Music X: Airforms 1:01:00

11. Vacant 22:21

12. Correspondence 21:47

13. First Light, Last 20:00

14. Hover 1:00:00

15. Hover Redux 28:45

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