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Turner, Roger / Henry Kaiser / Martin Kuchen / Damon Smith / Jeff Coffin / Ed Pettersen / Tania Chen / Jordan Muscatello: Interstellar Transmissions

Label: Split Rock Records
Product Code: 25782
Catalog Code: SRR18003
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Two fascinating experimental concepts executed by Roger Turner, Henry Kaiser, Martin Kuchen, Damon Smith, Jeff Coffin, Ed Pettersen, Tania Chen, & Jordan Muscatello; Disc 1, each musician improvised alone to NASA recordings from the Voyager spacecraft, the results mixed together over the Voyager track; Disc 2, three improvisers play together in response to Voyager tracks.

Turner, Roger / Satoh Masahiko / Otomo Yoshihide: Live at Hall Egg Farm

Label: Doubtmusic
Product Code: 21595
Catalog Code: dmf-164
Country: Japan
Price: $16.95

Out of Stock

During legendary UK free improvising drummer Roger Turner's 2015 tour of Japan he met with guitarist Otomo Yoshihide and pianist Satoh Masahiko to record this monumental and astounding 66 minute improvisation at Fukaya City's Hall Egg Farm.

Turner, Roger / Otomo Yoshihide: Live at SuperDeluxe

Label: Doubtmusic
Product Code: 21594
Catalog Code: dmf-163
Country: Japan
Price: $16.95

Out of Stock

UK free improvising percussionist Roger Turner in a duo with Japanese creative improviser Otomo Yoshihide on guitar, performing live at Tokyo's SuperDeluxe in 2015, two sets of dynamic and demanding improvisation, from near silence to driving rhythm and noise.

Turner, Roger & Otomo Yoshihide: The Last Train

Label: Fataka
Product Code: 20295
Catalog Code: 10
Country: Great Britain
Price: $13.45

Out of Stock

UK free improvising drummer Roger Turner meets Japanese guitarist Otomo Yoshihide at the Hara Museum, Tokyo in the winter of 2013 for a performance that balances introspective improvisation with assertive and authoritative playing for a captivating and dynamic album.

Keith, Michael / Oswald, John / Turner, Roger: Number Nine

Label: Emanem
Product Code: 06638
Catalog Code: 4129
Country: Great Britain
Price: $16.95

In Stock

Michael Keith (acoustic guitar, voice) plays with John Oswald (alto saxophone) and Roger Turner (percussion) in seven improvised pieces recorded in studio in Toronto in 2005.

Minton, Phil / Turner, Roger: Drainage

Label: Emanem
Product Code: 02406
Catalog Code: 4211
Country: Great Britain
Price: $24.95

In Stock