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Rammel, Hal: The Amplified Palette: A History in Pictures [BOOK + 2 CDS]

Label: Penumbra
Product Code: 22333
Catalog Code: CD019/020
Country: USA
Price: $28.95

In Stock

A book and 2 CDs celebrating the 25th anniversary of this unusual and fascinating musical instrument designed and built by Hal Rammel, an artist's palette outfitted with a contact mic and vertically-mounted rods, played with a variety of uniquely designed bows and mallets.

Rammel, Hal / Christopher Burns: Scrawl

Label: Penumbra
Product Code: 18652
Catalog Code: CD018
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Focusing on amplified percussion via Hal Rammel's percussion palettes, and Chris Burns' work with electric guitar, this Milwaukee area duo has been improvising together for many year, as heard in this engaging dialog of unusual interjection and tone.

Rammel, Hal / Matt Turner: Fractures and Phantoms

Label: Penumbra
Product Code: 17335
Catalog Code: CD017
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

Out of Stock

Collaborators for 20 years, cellist Matt Turner and percussionist Hal Rammel playing amplified palette alternate "Phantoms" and "Fractures", unusual and diverse improvised sound worlds.

Rammel, Hal: Three Days (A Radiophonic Excursion in Three Parts)

Label: Penumbra
Product Code: 13212
Catalog Code: CD014
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

"Three Days: a radiophonic excursion" brings together work commissioned by Chicago's Experimental Sound Studio for its Outer Ear Festival of Sound and Crouton Records' folktales series.