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Palestine, Charlemagne: STTT THOMASSS ''''''' D I N G G G D O N G G G D I N G G G z z z z z z z ferrrr TONYYY '''''''' [CASSETTE]

Label: Blank Forms
Product Code: 25231
Catalog Code: BF 001CS
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

Out of Stock

In memory of the late polymath avant-garde artist Tony Conrad (1940-2016), longtime friend and coconspirator Charlemagne Palestine returned to the site of their first encounter for a tribute performance on what would have been Conrad's 77th birthday, performing on the bells at St Thomas's Church, in New York City for a rich album of ritualistic ringing and tones.

Palestine, Charlemagne: The Lower Depths [3 CDs]

Label: Alga Marghen
Product Code: 24730
Catalog Code: NMN 151CD
Country: Italy
Price: $53.95

Out of Stock

Charlemagne Palestine conceived this composition of unique piano sonorities in 1977 as a trilogy, taking it's name from the potential of his Bosendorfer piano, writing the first section for the middle keyboard, the second section for two octaves above, and the third at the bottom of the keyboard, producing a deep and singular work of minimalism.

Palestine, Charlemagne : Organo Rinascimentale Non Temperato

Label: Angelica
Product Code: 21468
Catalog Code: IDA032
Country: Italy
Price: $15.95

In Stock

In 2004 Charlegmane Palestine updated his 1977 work "Schlingen Blangen", a piece that could be played for days nonstop in "sonic constant chemical acoustic + architectural evolution + transformation in space", here in the version from that year's Angelica Festival.