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Lucier, Alvin: Vespers [VINYL]

Label: Blume
Product Code: 29335
Catalog Code: BLUME 017LP
Country: Italy
Price: $26.95

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Composer Alvin Lucier is heard in two extended works: "Vespers" (1969) using the Environ-Ears Recording System, an acoustical labyrinth and microphone assembly duplicating the localization and noise-reducing functions of the human ear; and "Chambers" (1968) exploring the relationship between our perception of the source of a sound and its relation to space.

Lucier, Alvin: Works for the Ever Present Orchestra [2 CDs]

Label: Black Truffle
Product Code: 29332
Catalog Code: BT 060CD
Country: Australia
Price: $19.95

In Stock

Pieces written for the Ever Present Orchestra, a 13-piece ensemble formed in 2016 exclusively to perform composer Alvin Lucier's works, with a core of 4 guitarists, 3 saxophones, 4 violins and piano, here presenting Lucier's continuing exploration of the behaviour of sound in physical space, blending electronic and acoustic sources with subtle tension and mystery.

Lucier, Alvin: String Noise [2 CDs]

Label: Black Truffle
Product Code: 28759
Catalog Code: BT 061CD
Country: Australia
Price: $18.95

In Stock

Continuing Black Truffle's series documenting the recent work of legendary American experimental composer Alvin Lucier, the duo String Noise of violinists Conrad Harris & Pauline Harris Kim present three long-form compositions exploring acoustic phenomena, including echolocation ("Tapper"), inter-violin resonance ("In Love Song") and sustaining long tones ("Halo").

Lucier, Alvin / MAZE: (Amsterdam) Memory Space

Label: Unsounds
Product Code: 18170
Catalog Code: 37U
Country: Netherlands
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Composer Lucier's score instructs the players to go to an outside environment and record by any means the sound situations of those environments, then in performance re-create, solely by means of your voices, instruments and memory, those outside sound situations.