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Gustafsson, Mats / Joachim Nordwall: A Map of Guilt [VINYL]

Label: Bocian
Product Code: 23685
Catalog Code: BC GUN
Country: Poland
Price: $19.95

In Stock

An open and unconventional set from the duo of Mats Gustafsson on sax, piano & organ and iDEAL Fest found Joachim Nordwall on electric guitar and synth, recording at the Viennese Garnison7 studio in 2013, for six mysterious and spellbinding improvisations, particularly the extended and impressive title track.

Gustafsson, Mats : Piano Mating [VINYL]

Label: Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records
Product Code: 21785
Catalog Code: XRAY 004LP
Country: Great Britain
Price: $29.95

In Stock

When Blue Tapes asked Gustafsson to compose an album using an instrument he'd never recorded with before he chose the Dubreq Pianomate, an electronic instrument from the 60s intended to be used with a piano; Gustafsson used it sans-piano, and the results are these 2 beautiful drones.

Gustafsson, Mats / Lasse Marhaug: The Oslo Tapes [VINYL 12"]

Label: Bocian
Product Code: 19040
Catalog Code: BCBE
Country: Poland
Price: $16.00

In Stock

The duo of saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and sound artist Lasse Marhaug in a studio album of textural soundwork, crossing unusual amplified sax techniques with extreme electronics to create unidentifiable but engrossing works that defy description.

Gustafsson, Mats: Needs! [VINYL]

Label: Dancing Wayang
Product Code: 13723
Catalog Code: DWR 005LP
Country: England
Price: $28.95

In Stock

Baritone and slide saxophone improvisations with live-electronic and bug treaments and other related activities, each track dedicated to artists like The Ex, Sten Sandell, &c.

Gustafsson, Mats / Yoshimi: Words on the Floor

Label: Smalltown Superjazzz
Product Code: 08955
Catalog Code: STSJ 114CD
Country: Norway
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Gustafsson on slide saxophone with Yoshimi (OOIOO/Boredoms) from a live show in Sweden, April 2005, a psychedelic drone piece for saxophones and voice.

Gustafsson, Mats: Catapult (baritone sax solo)

Label: Doubtmusic
Product Code: 05668
Catalog Code: dms-103
Country: Japan
Price: $18.00

In Stock

Gregorio, Guillermo / Gustafsson, Mats / Nordeson, Kjell: Background Music

Label: Hatology
Product Code: 02350
Catalog Code: 526
Country: Switzerland
Price: $16.95

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