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ErikM: L'art De La Fuite [VINYL]

Label: Sonoris
Product Code: 22236
Catalog Code: SONORIS 001LP
Country: France
Price: $19.95

Out of Stock

A selection of first recordings originally released in 1995 as a self-titled homemade tape by eRikm, mainly composed with turntables and prepared records, along with other sources, a unique blend of innovative musique concrete and post-industrial sound.

eRikm: Doubse Hysterie

Label: Monotype
Product Code: 21905
Catalog Code: Mono076
Country: Poland
Price: $15.95

In Stock

A 6 part work based on immersive listening with a smartphone featuring a GPS and audio headphones made during a train trip across the Arc Jurassien, developed into 6 rich and detailed compositions, performed with violinist Julia Eckhardt and cellist Silvia Platzer.

eRikm / Martin Brandlmayr: Ecotone

Label: Mikroton Recordings
Product Code: 20179
Catalog Code: 37
Country: Russia
Price: $13.95

In Stock

An active set of recordings from eRikm in duo with drummer Martin Brandlmayr, the latter keeping both players' feet on the ground while the former introduces and intervenes with unusual sonic elements, disruptive and lyrical, an enjoyably complex and unpredictable set.

Jauniaux, Catherine / eRikm: Pantoneon / Mal des Ardents [2 CDs]

Label: Mikroton Recordings
Product Code: 17363
Catalog Code: mikroton cd 21 | 22
Country: Russia
Price: $17.95

In Stock

Improvising artists Catherine Jauniaux on voice, bird call, cupule, cazoo and eRikm on turntables, electronics, live sampling, architect lamp recorded these 17 pieces for the radio show A L'improviste by Anne Montaron for France Culture Radio.

eRikm: Austral [DVD]

Label: D'Autres Cordes
Product Code: 16425
Catalog Code: dac 2031
Country: France
Price: $13.95

In Stock

A mixed work for ensemble revolving around the sequences of video and electronic composition, showing a series of Chilean and Argentine landscapes and cityscapes.

eRikm & Natacha Muslera: Cartouche

Label: Monotype
Product Code: 16189
Catalog Code: mono049
Country: Poland
Price: $14.95

In Stock

An experimental sound and voice duet featuring eRikm and Natacha Muslera: extreme, convulsive and immersive sounds that alternately surprises and seduces in brutal and beautiful ways.

erikM / Michel Doneda: Razine

Label: Monotype
Product Code: 15765
Catalog Code: mono043
Country: Poland
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Using the language of Russian Futurist poet Khlebnikov's Zaoum, saxophonist Michel Doneda and electronicist ErikM take us on a ride with sliding, breaking of rhythmical lines, sudden transformations, textures, and inexplicable sound.

eRikm / Norbert Moslang: Stodgy

Label: Mikroton Recordings
Product Code: 15549
Catalog Code: mikroton cd 11
Country: Russia
Price: $13.95

In Stock

eRikm on 3k Pad Loop System, Electronics and Norbert Moslang playing Cracked Everyday Electronics in a collection of recordings from European concerts performed between 2002 and 2005; produced by Guiseppe Ielasi..

eRikm / dieb13: @haos @lub

Label: erstwhile
Product Code: 08251
Catalog Code: erstwhile 049-2
Country: USA
Price: $20.95

Out of Stock

eRikm / Tetreault / Yoshihide: Trace Cuts

Label: Musica Genera
Product Code: 05864
Catalog Code: MG 009
Country: Poland
Price: $9.50

In Stock

eRikm & Fennesz: Complementary Contrasts Donaueschinger2003

Label: Hatology
Product Code: 04299
Catalog Code: Hatology618
Country: Switzerland
Price: $18.95

In Stock