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Electric Bird Noise: Hearn-Roberts-Strong-Watts

Label: Silber
Product Code: 27619
Catalog Code: none
Country: USA
Price: $9.95

In Stock

Guitarist Electric Bird Noise, aka Brian Lea McKenzie, continues his string of slightly off-center rock albums, primarily instrumental work, this album including a muscular quartet with Jason Hearn on drums, Bradley Wayne Roberts on bass, Steve Strong on drums, plus an Alan Watts narration; 8 dramatic tracks using loops, effects, backward tracking and other aural trickery.

Electric Bird Noise: The Spider / The Christ Child / The Crow

Label: Silber
Product Code: 24090
Catalog Code: None
Country: USA
Price: $9.95

In Stock

Guitarist Brian McKenzie is known best for his dramatic rock persona, where his multi-instrumental approach to song-writing shows great skill; on this album, McKenzie gets down to the guitar itself, with loops, effects and electronics creating a cohesive set of 9 pieces that maintain an edgy, discordant approach to enthralling sound.

Electric Bird Noise: Kind Of Black

Label: Silber
Product Code: 18955
Catalog Code: Silber 151
Country: USA
Price: $10.95

Out of Stock

Electric Bird Noise (Brian Lea McKenzie) goes back to his guitar roots for a challenging record built from dissonant chords, which McKenzie refers to as "elevator music for art galleries"; hypnotically jarring music creating a unique sonic tapestry.

Electric Bird Noise: Desert Jelly

Label: Silber Records
Product Code: 17473
Catalog Code: silber120
Country: USA
Price: $10.95

In Stock

Frequent Squidco in-store performer Electric Bird Noise returns defying expectation with an album of new wave dance & 1970s synth experiments, taking influence from bands like New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, & Gary Numan

Electric Bird Noise: le vestibule - vestibule transitoire

Label: No More Stars Records
Product Code: 16210
Catalog Code: EBN-VT
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Underground drone, guitar and electronic artist Brian McKenzie in two extended works of beautifully building sound, the first primarily electronic and building, the second melodic and spacious using gorgeous guitar riffs.

Electric Bird Noise: The Silber Sessions

Label: Silber Media
Product Code: 14608
Catalog Code: 095
Country: USA
Price: $10.95

In Stock

A collection of southeast darkwave & post rock band Electric Bird Noise (Brian Lea McKenzie) from 2000-2010, cinematic, richly eclectic, and absorbing instrumental music.