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Dog Hallucination : call aesthetics [3-inch CD]

Label: Aubjects
Product Code: 23337
Catalog Code: AUJX-8
Country: USA
Price: $5.95

In Stock

D. Petri and Doggy P. Lips create rich sonic environments of processed guitars layered with strong tribal percussion, here in a followup to the 2015 release "Mitzi" is the 23 minute 3" CD EP named after various permuations of the equation 1-3.

Dog Hallucination / Ichtyor Tides : Vergier Begets [CASSETTE]

Label: Bicephalic
Product Code: 21914
Catalog Code: bc020
Country: USA
Price: $7.95

In Stock

Part of a series of 8 split release cassettes, hand-painted & numbered; Side A is Dog Hallucination (D. Petri) for manipulated guitars, textural element, and organized sound; Side B is Ichtyor Tides (Nikola Akileus) for synthetic ambience, glitches, hazy drones, & field recordings.

Dog Hallucination: Serving Two Masters [3" CDR]

Label: IntangibleCat
Product Code: 17930
Catalog Code: CAT-19
Country: USA
Price: $7.95

Out of Stock

D. Petri & Doggy P. Lips, aka Dog Hallucination, in a 3" CD with hand-cut packaging of experimental-psychedelia using specifically designed tonalities, texture sculpturing, rhythms, and unique compositional structures.