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MV Carbon : The Sun Will Turn On You

Label: Discombobulate
Product Code: 21814
Catalog Code: BOB008
Country: Great Britain
Price: $17.95

In Stock

New York City based, interdisciplinary artist and composer MV Carbon in an album of voice and sound, built of dark rhythm and sound, adding depth and innuendo to the simplest of songs.

Fvrtvr: Following Shapes to the Edge of a Drift

Label: Discombobulate
Product Code: 21813
Catalog Code: BOB009
Country: Great Britain
Price: $19.95

In Stock

Fritz Welch and Guido Hennebohl present a strange and discomforting album of electronic madness, as they "rattle them pots and pans, slap-the-cheek slurps and stick sharp elbows into a web of goof-off electronics" as they pursue the message of freedom.

Papal Bull: Argot Of Incomprehension

Label: Discombobulate / Sing ing Knives
Product Code: 20762
Catalog Code: BOB006 / SK023
Country: Great Britain
Price: $14.95

In Stock

A bizarre album of vocalizations, dictaphone recordings, and other phlegmatic and spittled output from the UK duo of Jon Marshall and Joe Murray, who appropriately name this strange album with the word "Incomprehension", a word which the 14 tracks of this CD live up to.

Star Turbine: White Lines Across The Void [CASSETTE]

Label: Discombobulate
Product Code: 20519
Catalog Code: BOB004
Country: Great Britain
Price: $12.95

Out of Stock

Prolific sound artists Sindre Bjerga and Claus Poulsen jointly tweak various close-miked micro-sounds into a strange noise-oriented collage, crossing drone and concrete approaches in bizarre ways.

Mutual Process: Untitled [CASSETTE]

Label: Discombobulate
Product Code: 20518
Catalog Code: BOB005
Country: Great Britain
Price: $12.95

In Stock

A collaboration mixing improvisation with sound & noise from sound artist Adam Denton, working primarily with the slithery tones that live within improvisation, and Sean Cotterill, who's work straddles the ocean of skronk guitar to live programming 'ones' and 'zeros'.

Pascal: Nihilist Chakai House [VINYL]

Label: Discombobulate
Product Code: 19318
Catalog Code: BOB003
Country: Great Britain
Price: $24.95

In Stock

An album of solo drumming from Pascal Nichols, who is part of the duo "Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides", here in a diverse set of approaches performed on drums, djembe, goblet bowls, cowbells, blocks, &c. &c... an album that's become an in-store favorite.