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Label: Aubjects
Product Code: 23351
Catalog Code: AUJX - 9
Country: USA
Price: $15.95

In Stock

A split cassette and art booklet from US sound artists August Traeger performing as Odd Person, and Spanish sound artist Miguel A. Garcia, presenting works of experimental electronic sound, both diverse and extensive journeys through unusual sonic worlds.

Pasarele, Somnoroase / Alan Courtis / Directives / Crank Sturgeon : Noosphertilizer IV [2 CASSETTES]

Label: Aubjects
Product Code: 23350
Catalog Code: AUJX-8
Country: USA
Price: $26.95

In Stock

5 artists in a split release of 3 cassette tapes, the artists (Somnoroase Pasarele / Alan Courtis / Directives / Crank Sturgeon ) are based in disparate geographical regions of Earth: Romania, Argentina, Massachussetts USA, San Francisco USA, and Normal IL USA.

Amalgamated: Solve et Coagula [CASSETTE + ART BOOK]

Label: Aubjects
Product Code: 23349
Catalog Code: Aujx-4
Country: USA
Price: $18.95

Out of Stock

The Amalgamated collective in a two cassette package including an extensive booklet of fractal images and a folding card with images; the music presents dark and detailed industrial sound, a mix of drone and collage that engulfs the listener into their alchemical world.

Amalgamated: Amalgamated

Label: Aubjects
Product Code: 23338
Catalog Code: AUBJECTS - 2
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

In Stock

An album of hallucinogenic and melodic rhythhm and sound from the Amalgamated collective, who take their influence from 80's industrial / cassette culture, as heard in these 8 tracks, balancing modern electronics with lo-fi/home taper instruments and sensibilities.

Dog Hallucination : call aesthetics [3-inch CD]

Label: Aubjects
Product Code: 23337
Catalog Code: AUJX-8
Country: USA
Price: $5.95

In Stock

D. Petri and Doggy P. Lips create rich sonic environments of processed guitars layered with strong tribal percussion, here in a followup to the 2015 release "Mitzi" is the 23 minute 3" CD EP named after various permuations of the equation 1-3.