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Tigers Mind: Paradiso Pudding Mix

Product Code: 24087
Catalog Code: JVT0015
Country: Denmark
Price: $13.95

In Stock

The Danish/Norwegian trio of Thomas Eiler on drums, Niklas Adam on electronics & guitar, and Danielle Dahl on sax and electronic wind instrument draw inspiration from early electronic minimalism, punk rock, noise and free jazz in the full-length debut, surprising the listener as the music shifts from abstract reductionism to full-on assault.

M(h)ysteria: Family Drug

Product Code: 24086
Catalog Code: JVT0017
Country: Denmark
Price: $13.95

Out of Stock

Giovanni Di Domenico's premier of his M(h)ysteria trio with drummer Jakob Warmenbol and electric bassist Laurens Smet, where Di Domenico's organ gives the listener the impression of the classic organ trio, but instead presents a mix of jazz, prog, noise and other darkly complex music as the band explores the chronic tensions & stress of daily life.

Moskus: Moskus [Used Item]

Label: Ninth World
Product Code: 20226
Catalog Code: NWM LOCO CD 02
Country: Denmark
Price: $8.95

In Stock

Yoshihide, Otomo / Paal Nilssen-Love: [VINYL]

Product Code: 19626
Catalog Code: JVT0011LP
Country: Denmark
Price: $23.96

In Stock

The fiery, complex and exultant duo of drummer/percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love and Otomo Yoshihide on electric guitar, performing at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse in May 2013, an intense and rewarding set from two authoritative improvisers.

Solborg, Mark Trio with Evan Paker & Herb Robertson: The Trees

Label: Ilk Music
Product Code: 17465
Catalog Code: ILK199CD
Country: Denmark
Price: $12.35

Out of Stock

Danish guitarist and composer Mark Solborg invited the legendary British saxophonist and improviser Evan Parker to join his trio along with American trumpet player Herb Robertson for an unusual and unique meeting across borders and generations.

Emergency!: Live In Copenhagen

Product Code: 14088
Catalog Code: JVT0003
Country: Denmark
Price: $18.95

Out of Stock

Guitarists Otomo Yoshihide & Ryoichi Saito, bassist Hiroaki Mizutani & drummer Yasuhiro Yoshigaki performing a form of psychedelic swing on tunes by Charles Mingus, Rahsaan Kirk and Louis Prima.

Lovedale: Coziness Kills

Product Code: 12652
Catalog Code:
Price: $14.15

Parker, Evan / Ghost in the Machine: New Excursions

Label: Ninth World
Product Code: 08690
Catalog Code: NW 019CD
Country: Denmark
Price: $14.95

Out of Stock

Evan Parker with the Danish improvising group Ghost-in-the-Machine recorded live at the Copenhagen International Experimental Festival.

Thomas, David & Foreigners: Bay City

Label: Ninth World
Product Code: 08560
Catalog Code: NWM 111CD
Country: Denmark
Price: $13.50

In Stock