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Myers, David Lee: Ether Music

Label: Starkland
Product Code: 25241
Catalog Code: ST-227
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Best known for his work under the name Arcane Device in the 80s and 90s, New York sound artist David Lee Myers carves a unique path in electronics and what he refers to as "feedback music", developing unique approaches and instruments to generate distinctive forms of electronic music, here in a 10 track album of stunningly beautiful and mysterious sound.

Myers, David Lee: Superpositions [CASSETTE with Download Code]

Label: Cronica
Product Code: 24840
Catalog Code: 134-2017
Country: USA
Price: $9.95

In Stock

David Lee Myers, AKA Arcane Device, explores feedback in its most beautiful forms, over decades developing systems to capture the microscopic edges of errant signals and convert them into lovely long tones, using a series of matrix mixers to manipulate them in real time, creating works of fragile charm, impressive interstices of rhythm, and gorgeous melodic nodes.

Arcane Device: Noise Matrix Mantras / Modular Waves [2 CDs]

Label: pulsewidth
Product Code: 20214
Catalog Code: pw08
Country: USA
Price: $13.95

Out of Stock

After more than 20 years David Myers revives Arcane Device with this 2 disc set, applying his fascinating approach to feedback and electronic music through 14 live tracks using a noise matrix, and 4 larger works using modular waves.