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McPhee, Joe / Graham Lambkin / Charlie Mcphee / Oliver Lambkin: Live in the Batcave [VINYL]

Label: Black Truffle
Product Code: 28223
Catalog Code: BT 054LP
Country: Australia
Price: $29.95

In Stock

A fly-on-the-wall hang out with virtual drinking buddies--saxophonist and pocket trumpeter Joe McPhee and his brother Charlie, and sound artist Graham Lambkin, who brought along his son Oliver--hanging at Charlie's in Poughkeepsie, NY, captured by an open mic as they tip back a few, play records, instruments, discussing life and music, and end in a singalong.

O'Dwyer, Aine / Graham Lambkin: Green Ways [2 CDs]

Label: erstwhile
Product Code: 26666
Catalog Code: Erstwhile 088-2
Country: USA
Price: $23.95

Out of Stock

A unique sound document originally envisioned as a sound map of Ireland, collecting and composing with live recordings from performances in Doon, Dungarvan, Plaistow, Shoreditch, Singo & Stratford, using song, sound, spoken word, extraneous, ambient recordings and abstract and unidentifiable elements, making for an absolutely fascinating and somewhat bizarre album; recommended.

Lambkin, Graham / Taku Unami: The Whistler [2 CDs]

Label: erstwhile
Product Code: 24299
Catalog Code: 081-2
Country: USA
Price: $23.95

Out of Stock

Sound artists Graham Lambkin and Taku Unami create two large works using material which they recorded together, and then which independently assembled into a single CD each, with "Whistler Vanishes in Wind" composed by Taku Unami, and "Small Mistakes in Nature" by Graham Lambkin, both fascinating collages that alternately distract and absorb the listener.

Lambkin, Graham / Jason Lescalleet: Photographs [2 CDs]

Label: erstwhile
Product Code: 18127
Catalog Code: 070-2
Country: USA
Price: $25.16

Out of Stock

An incredible and twisted journey in sound from sonic explorers Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet, who alternately hypnotize and startle the listeners in a series of "photographs" documenting their personal histories in sound.