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Petit, Didier : D'Accord

Label: RogueArt
Product Code: 25130
Catalog Code: ROG-0078
Country: France
Price: $15.95

In Stock

An absolutely phenomenal example of free improvisation, both on cello and on voice, from French improviser Didier Petite performing live at La Plantation, in Beijing, China in 2016, showing profoundly great skill, a fount of creative impulse and ideas, and wonderfully idiosyncratic vocals and songs to accompany himself; an inspiring and delightful record.

East-West Collective (Petit / Ochs / Masaoka / Fengxia / Kassap): Humeurs

Label: RogueArt
Product Code: 18452
Catalog Code: ROG-0054
Country: France
Price: $15.95

Out of Stock

Bridging the East and West, with Miya Masaoka on koto and Xu Fengxia on guzheng representing the East, and Larry Ochs on sax, Didier Petite on cello, and Sylvain Kassap on clarinet representing the West; exhiliarating and exotic global improvisation.

Petit, Didier - Alexandre Pierrepont: Passages - A Road Record: Woodstock - New York - Chicago - Los Angeles

Label: RogueArt
Product Code: 17062
Catalog Code: ROG-042
Country: France
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Cellist Petit and poet Pierrepont traveled from East to West Coasts recording with various improvisers who play with Petit while Pierrepont reads one of his poems in French, and then as a non-French speaker reads the same poem.