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Vogl + Bettis: Bobo Fossils [CASSETTE]

Label: Earth2Ether
Product Code: 25647
Catalog Code: 03
Country: USA
Price: $6.95

In Stock

From their work together in the New York aberrant hardcore band Meta-matics, the electoacoustic duo of Frank Vogl and Chuck Bettis emerged, creating a peculiar and energetic dialog from Bettis' max/msp patches and Franke's tabletop prepared bass, performed live as improvised spontaneous compositions of great detail and unpredictability.

Bettis, Chuck : Pixel Bleed

Label: Living Myth
Product Code: 20972
Catalog Code: 004
Country: USA
Price: $9.60

In Stock

New York improvisor and electronic artist Chuck Bettis in an exploration of decay and repetition, performed live using Max/Msp with no overdubs or sequencers, using simple pop melody progressions and superimposing them over the cut-up techniques of musique concrete.

Trance And The Arcade: Survival In Infinity

Label: Mass Particles
Product Code: 15546
Catalog Code: 7
Country: USA
Price: $5.00

In Stock

Sophomore release by Chuck Bettis (aka T.A.T.A.) featuring two collaborations with Mick Barr and a track dedicated to Daniel Higgs; further investigations into the realms of extreme frequencies and mind bending acrobatics.

Bettis, Chuck: Sonic Sigils [CD EP]

Label: Scarcelight
Product Code: 15543
Catalog Code: 22
Country: USA
Price: $5.95

In Stock

An electronic work from NY experimenter Chuck Bettis in a 3" CD embedded in a full 5" disc, aural assaults and abstracted noise in complex patterns with unexpected twists and turns.