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Vogl + Bettis: Bobo Fossils [CASSETTE]

Label: Earth2Ether
Product Code: 25647
Catalog Code: 03
Country: USA
Price: $6.95

In Stock

From their work together in the New York aberrant hardcore band Meta-matics, the electoacoustic duo of Frank Vogl and Chuck Bettis emerged, creating a peculiar and energetic dialog from Bettis' max/msp patches and Franke's tabletop prepared bass, performed live as improvised spontaneous compositions of great detail and unpredictability.

Bettis, Chuck : Pixel Bleed

Label: Living Myth
Product Code: 20972
Catalog Code: 004
Country: USA
Price: $9.60

In Stock

New York improvisor and electronic artist Chuck Bettis in an exploration of decay and repetition, performed live using Max/Msp with no overdubs or sequencers, using simple pop melody progressions and superimposing them over the cut-up techniques of musique concrete.

Hell Hoarse (Chuck Bettis & Brendan Murray): Cold Planet

Label: Living Myth
Product Code: 15813
Catalog Code: 003
Country: USA
Price: $7.50

In Stock

Hypnotic apocalyptic drone by Chuck Bettis (electronics) and Brendan Murray (electronics), their second recording as Hell Hoarse, recorded live at Berwick Studios in Boston, MA with no overdubs.

World War III: WWIII

Label: Dogg N Pony
Product Code: 15547
Catalog Code: wwiii
Country: USA
Price: $5.00

In Stock

DC underground improvisers World War III recorded these pieces from 1996-98, here in a retrospective collecting their punk-oriented & skronky electronic approaches to improvisation and noise.

Trance And The Arcade: Survival In Infinity

Label: Mass Particles
Product Code: 15546
Catalog Code: 7
Country: USA
Price: $5.00

In Stock

Sophomore release by Chuck Bettis (aka T.A.T.A.) featuring two collaborations with Mick Barr and a track dedicated to Daniel Higgs; further investigations into the realms of extreme frequencies and mind bending acrobatics.

Bettis, Chuck: Sonic Sigils [CD EP]

Label: Scarcelight
Product Code: 15543
Catalog Code: 22
Country: USA
Price: $4.00

In Stock

An electronic work from NY experimenter Chuck Bettis in a 3" CD embedded in a full 5" disc, aural assaults and abstracted noise in complex patterns with unexpected twists and turns.