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Oliveros, Pauline / Alan Courtis: Telematic Concert [VINYL + DOWNLOAD]

Label: SpleenCoffin
Product Code: 29245
Catalog Code: SP-49-LP
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

In Stock

An unreleased 2009 concert from the Deep Listening Institute's Dream Festival, performed virtually via collaborative software between American electronic innovator and Deep Listening artist Pauline Oliveros on accordion and expanded instrument system, and Argentinian experimental musician Alan Courtis (Reynols) on unstringed guitar, objects and live processing.

Dimuzio, Thomas / Alan Courtis: Monk Style or Scream [VINYL]

Label: Monotype
Product Code: 25245
Catalog Code: monoLP026
Country: Poland
Price: $17.95

Out of Stock

One long-form sound composition each from Argentinian guitarist and sound artist Alan Courtis and San Francisco experimenter Thomas Dimuzio, each developing their track using sound sources provided by the other artist, which they manipulated, layered and morphed into these fascinating side-long works, presented together on green translucent vinyl.

Laddaga, Reinaldo: Things That A Mutant Needs To Know [BOOK + 2 CDs]

Label: Unsounds
Product Code: 18247
Catalog Code: 38U
Country: Netherlands
Price: $39.96

In Stock

A collection of fifty-five short stories or texts, and fifty-five brief musical works to accompany them, composed by a momentary collective of eighteen musicians including John Butcher, Andy Moor, Yannis Kyriakides, Francisco Lopez, Machinefabriek, Gabriel Paiuk, &c.

Courtis / Genovart / Kurzmann / Reche: Palmar Zahler

Label: Mikroton Recordings
Product Code: 14345
Catalog Code: cd 2
Country: Russia
Price: $13.95

Out of Stock

A quartet of electronic and acoustic improvisers in six spacious and graceful soundscapes, beautifully drifting works of hallucinatory tones.

Factor Burzaco: II

Label: AltrOck Productions
Product Code: 14176
Catalog Code: ALT-018
Country: Italy
Price: $15.00

In Stock

Buenos Aries composer Abel Gilbert's Factor Burzaco is an avant rock band known as the "Argentinian Thinking Plague", embracing rock, electronics and much more in an unusual and fascinating mix.