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Wassermann, Ute / Jaap Blonk / Michael Vorfeld : Improvisors

Label: Kontrans
Product Code: 27320
Catalog Code: Kontrans 965
Country: USA
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Blending two of the most unconventional voices on the planet--Ute Wasswerman and Jaap Blonk--with percussionist Michael Vorfeld, also on string instrument, light bulbs and electronic devices, Wasserman adding voice, whistles, kutu wapa, frog buzzer, and mirliton, and Blonk adding electronics; wonderfully eccentric while impressively informed and masterfully executed.

Parak.eets (Ute Wassermann / Richard Scott / Emilio Gordoa): Natura Venomous

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 22053
Catalog Code: cs343
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock

The trio of Richard Scott on modular synths, Emilio Gordoa on vibraphone & percussion, and Ute Wasserman on voice, in uniquely orchestrated free improvisations that focuses on sound interaction with detail and restraint, while still bringing a sense of wonder and exuberation.

Wassermann, Ute / Birgit Ulher: Radio Tweet

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 21495
Catalog Code: cs335
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock

The long-standing duo of trumpeter Birgit Uhler, also on radio, speaker & objects, and free improvising vocalist Ute Wasserman, in an album of 8 unbelievable improvisations of a unique and sometimes bizarre character, holding one's attention from its outlandish nature--superb!

Kolkowski, Aleks & Ute Wassermann: Squall Line

Label: psi
Product Code: 14908
Catalog Code: 11.08
Country: Great Britain
Price: $16.95

In Stock

A quirky and fascinating duo of unusual instrumentation from Ute Wasserman's voice & whistles, and Aleks Kokowski on stroh instrumements (viola, violin), noseflute, bird calls, musical saw, &c..

Speak Easy (Wassermann / Minton / Lehn / Blume): Backchats

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 11491
Catalog Code: cs149
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Formed in 2008 Speak Easy brings free vocal improvisers Ute Wassermann and Phil Minton together with drummer Martin Blume and synth player Thomas Lehn for 5 tracks recorded in concert.