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Surplus 1980 Collectiv Ensembl With G.W. Sok : Forget All This

Label: Music a la Coque
Product Code: 27396
Catalog Code: COQ - 012
Country: Italy
Price: $9.95

In Stock

Surplus 1980 Collectiv Ensembl takes the current members of drummer Moe! Staiano's Surplus 1980 along with associated musicians, including Kyle Bruckmann, John Shiurba, Vicky Grossi, Paul Costuros, &c, with vocals from Dutch vocalist G.W. Sok (The Ex), in an album of avant post-punk rock, sophisticated but determined and pointed music, an unusual hybrid of impressive styles.

Wright, Jack: Rattle OK & Rattle Still OK

Label: Spring Garden Music
Product Code: 22356
Catalog Code: SGM-006/007
Country: USA
Price: $17.95

Out of Stock

Combining two albums from free improvising saxophonist Jack Wright's 1999-2000 tour across North America, presenting music in various configurations with Bob Marsh, Tom Djll, Bhob Rainey, John Shiurba, Matthew Sperry, Ben Wright, Greg Kelley, Bob Wagner, Joe Giardullo, &c. &c.

Skronktet West, The: EL

Label: Spool
Product Code: 15055
Catalog Code: SPA401
Country: Canada
Price: $12.95

In Stock

Reedist Scott Rosenberg's Skronktet quintet with Morgan Guberman (bass), Matt Ingalls (clarinets), Gino Robair (percussion) & John Shiurba (guitar) in a release of seamless improv that transitions between various styles.

Larner, Brett: Itadakimasu - Improvised Duets 1994-2000

Label: Spool
Product Code: 12703
Catalog Code: SPL114
Country: Canada
Price: $15.95

Out of Stock

Koto and gu zheng player Brett in duos with some of our favorite and most important improvisers: Anthony Braxton; Jim O'Rourke; Gino Robair; John Shiurba; Loren Connors; Gino Robair; &c.

Staiano's, Moe! / Moe!Kestra!: An Inescapable Siren Earshot Distance Therein and Other Whereabouts

Label: Edgetone Records
Product Code: 12675
Catalog Code: AMOE2 / BRD 056
Country: USA
Price: $9.00

In Stock

This is Moe! Staiano's (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) 1st CD of orchcestral compositions for Strings, Percussion, U-bolts, Wine Glasses, Prepared Guitar & Sirens recorded in 1998 and 2003.

Grosse Abfahrt: Erstes Luftschiffe Zu Kalifornien

Label: Creative Sources
Product Code: 07986
Catalog Code: CS065
Country: Portugal
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Staiano, Moe!: The Lateness of Yearly Presentations

Label: Dephine Knormal Musik and Amanita Records
Product Code: 05716
Catalog Code: DKM06 / AMASTA2
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

10 compositions by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's percussionist, working with a great collection of musicians. Standard rock instrumentation sits alongside unusual percussive instruments such as theremin, musical saw and barking!