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Nilssen-Love, Paal / Mats Gustafsson: Sin Gas [Vinyl]

Label: Bocian
Product Code: 18949
Catalog Code: BC P333M 666
Country: Poland
Price: $20.95

In Stock

Powerful duo playing from frequent collaborators, saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love (The Thing, Original Silence, Peter Brotzmann) in three extended studio improvisations of deeply emotional and technically incredible playing.

Gustafsson, Mats: Torturing the Saxophone

Label: Corbett vs. Dempsey
Product Code: 18909
Catalog Code: CvsDCD012
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

In Stock

Compiling 3 very limited solo LPs from Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, performing intimate and unusual renditions of the music of Duke Ellington, Albert & Donald Ayler, and the important post-bop baritone player Lars Gullin; liner notes by Robert Crumb.

Vandermark, Ken and Mats Gustafsson: Verses

Label: Corbett vs. Dempsey
Product Code: 17942
Catalog Code: CD009a
Country: USA
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Surprisingly after long partnerships with Peter Brotzmann's Tentet and the saxophone trio Sonore, this is the first time that Ken Vandermark & Mats Gustafsson have recorded as a duo, here in 6 incredible improvisations balancing technique, power, and beauty.

Sonore: OTO

Label: Trost Records
Product Code: 15538
Catalog Code: TROST 108CD
Country: Austria
Price: $16.16

In Stock

A live recording at London's Cafe Oto for BBC Radio's Jazz on 3 program with the incredible saxophone trio Sonore featuring Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, and Mats Gustafsson.

Fire! With Jim O'Rourke: Unreleased?

Label: Rune Grammofon
Product Code: 14662
Catalog Code: RCD 2111CD
Country: Norway
Price: $16.95

In Stock

Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werlin are joined by Jim O'Rourke to add a driving guitar & electronic layer to the "hypnotic jazz psychedelia and sonic mayhem" of Fire!

Articles, The (Thomas / Gustafsson / Turner): Goodbye Silence

Label: FMR
Product Code: 14246
Catalog Code: FMR 260-0508
Country: Great Britain
Price: $14.95

In Stock

The trio of Mats Gustafsson on saxophone and electronics, keyboardist Pat Thomas and percussionist Roger Turner performing live in Derby in 1998, a challenging and fascinating set.

Grdina, Gord Trio with Mats Gustafsson: Barrel Fire

Label: Drip Audio
Product Code: 13845
Catalog Code: DA00651
Country: Canada
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Gordon Grdina (Grdina's Box Cutter) in a trio with bassist Tommy Babin and drummer Kenton Loewen, joined by Mats Gustafsson on baritone sax for a vicious free jazz romp.

Fond of Tigers: Continent & Western

Label: Drip Audio
Product Code: 13585
Catalog Code: DA00626
Country: Canada
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Fond of Tigers with guests Mats Gustafsson and Sandro Perri in their unique blend of avant- and post-rock structures, amazing improvised and complex rock from one of Vancouver's finest.

Yoshihide / Ozeki / Gustafsson: with records

Label: Doubtmusic
Product Code: 12487
Catalog Code: dme-201G
Country: Japan
Price: $18.00

In Stock

It started with a Mats Gustafsson's LP, for which Ozeki Mitkito created a polyvinyl chloride cutout, which Otomo manipulated on his turntable, recording this limited hand-numbered CD.

Gustafsson / Newman / Gennaro: Port Huron Picnic

Label: Spool
Product Code: 11289
Catalog Code: SPL110
Country: Canada
Price: $10.95

In Stock

Free and open-ended improvisation and amplified sound work from Mats Gustaffson with the duo of Gennaro and Newman AKA Wrist Error.

Gustafsson, Mats: Catapult (baritone sax solo)

Label: Doubtmusic
Product Code: 05668
Catalog Code: dms-103
Country: Japan
Price: $19.95

In Stock

ONJO: Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra: ONJO

Label: Doubtmusic
Product Code: 05617
Catalog Code: dmf-102
Country: Japan
Price: $19.95

In Stock

Gregorio, Guillermo / Mats Gustafsson / Kjell Nordeson: Background Music

Label: Hatology
Product Code: 02350
Catalog Code: Hatology526
Country: Switzerland
Price: $17.95

In Stock