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Ghost Trees

Intercept Method [VINYL 2 LPs]

Ghost Trees: Intercept Method [VINYL 2 LPs] (Future Recordings)

Appropriately recording in New Jersey in the Van Gelder Studios, the North Carolina sax & drum duo of Brent Bagwell and Seth Nanaa stand in the shadows of Coltrane & Ali or McHenry & Cyrlle on their fourth release, a 2-LP, 180gm red-vinyl album of swinging, structured free jazz with a lyrically inclined outside attitude; twelve tracks of concise and compelling dialogs.

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Seth Nanaa-drums

Brent Bagwell-tenor saxophone

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Pressed on 180g vinyl—in an opaque red that extends the design elements of Pete Hurdle’s graphic work on the gatefold jacket.

Label: Future Recordings
Catalog ID: MTM-005
Squidco Product Code: 34819

Format: 2 LPs
Condition: New
Released: 2024
Country: USA
Packaging: Gatefold Double LP
Recorded at Van Gelder Studio, in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, on May 29th, 2022, by Maureen Sickler.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"John Coltrane and Rashied Ali might not have been the first to record as a free jazz duo with Interstellar Space (Impulse!,1974), but the pair did set the bar for future performances from the likes of Frank Lowe and Rashied Ali, Peter Brötzmann/Peeter Uuskyla, Anthony Braxton/Max Roach, and Joe McPhee/Hamid Drake. Admittedly, this genre of music might send many a traditional jazz listener packing.

Fear not. The duo Ghost Trees creates accessible free jazz, and the use of that term is not an oxymoron. Intercept Method from tenor saxophonist Brent Bagwell and drummer Seth Nanaa create approachable music, similar to that of say, Bill McHenry and Andrew Cyrille or Joe Lovano and Billy Hart.

What distinguishes the music of Ghost Trees from the above duos is Bagwell and Nanaa's preparation for their performance. Intercept Method is a double LP, the duo's fourth full-length LP and it follows the self-released Universal Topics (2021), both of which were recorded at the infamous Rudy Van Gelder studio. The pair worked and reworked their music while practicing during the pandemic. Their method was not unlike the style of the punk band Fugazi. Like Ian Mackaye's process, Bagwell and Nanaa did not so much put pen to paper composing music as they experimented, rephrased, and refined their improvising language.

That is evident with the first track "Carnation" with Bagwell's languid tenor coaxed along by the pulse. Nanaa's drumming is the accelerator here and throughout the recording. They exercise some energy music with "Spherical" and "Meanwhile Gesture" plus an insouciant blues "Lessons in Renunciation." The tension on display is purposeful and it serves the duo's mission, be it delivering an Albert Ayler-like simple melody "Lymars" or the chamber music of "Station Keeping." Like the finest musicians, Bagwell and Nanaa have developed their own language, one that can be appreciated by all."-Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

"This album was recorded at the legendary Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, and the beautiful tones captured in that cathedral to jazz are perfect for the vinyl format, which reveals the full range of details in the playing: soft subtones, clashing cymbals, dynamic leaps, thundering rolls. All the rest of the work on the record-mastering, pressing, printing, graphic design-was completed in North Carolina."-Future Recordings

Pressed on 180g vinyl—in an opaque red that extends the design elements of Pete Hurdle’s graphic work on the gatefold jacket.

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Artist Biographies

"Drummer Seth Nanaa came to New York from Oakland, CA, where he was a member of the emocore/screamo band Indian Summer, and played his share of minimalist, progressive, garage, and experimental musics."

-All Music (

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Saxophonist Brent Bagwell is known for the groups Ghost Trees, Ghost Trees Big Band, The eASTERN sEABOARD, and has recorded with the group Pyramid, and as a sideman with Jon Lindsay and Doug Gillard.

"Saxophonist Brent Bagwell comes directly from the latter-period John Coltrane/Albert Ayler school of freedom music, upon taking private lessons with Bob Feldman. A product of the Charlotte, NC, scene, Bagwell played with experimental bands Project Bluebird and Fool's Brigade before coming to New York to collaborate with a variety of noise, rock, and collective improvising ensembles, most prominently Pyramid."-All Music

-Squidco 6/12/2024

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Track Listing:


1. Carnation 07:04

2. Station Keeping 02:58

3. Spherical 02:01


1. Lesson in Renunciation 05:29

2. Super Eight 03:26

3. Lymars 03:05


1. Leevin 02:33

2. Tannhauser Gate 03:07

3. Meanwhile Gesture 04:58


1. Blush Response 04:01

2. Intercept Method 04:13

3. Amplitude 04:01

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