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Morishige, Yasumune / Yoko Ikeda / Takashi Masubuchi: Shade (Meena)

A live recording of a concert at Ftarri in 2018, performed by Yasumune Morishige (cello), Yoko Ikeda (viola), and Takashi Masubuchi (guitar), three improvisers active mainly in Tokyo, in an entrancing confluence of strings building from delicate weaving of languorous tones with pizzicato interventions to an assertive second section, that then furtively dissolves; spellbinding.

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product information:

Label: Meena
Catalog ID: meenna-977
Squidco Product Code: 27333

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: Japan
Packaging: Cardboard sleeve, sealed
Recorded live at Ftarri, in Tokyo, Japan, on September 29th, 2018, by Takashi Masubuchi.


Yasumune Morishige-cello

Yoko Ikeda-viola

Takashi Masubuchi-acoustic guitar

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Artist Biographies:

"Yasumune Morishige, cello: As one of Japan's most unique voices of the cello, improvising musician Yasumune Morishige continues to collaborate with a wide array of musicians and dancers both in Japan and around the world.

His improvisational approach looks to extend the cello's sonic possibilities, expanding the vocabulary of the instrument into rich unexplored territories. In addition to his improvisational work, he also composes his own vocal works, accompanying his voice with either cello or piano."

-Yasumune Morishige Website (

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"Ikeda started classical violin at the age of three and studied with Yoshio Tsuda. In her mid-20s, she finally realized that it was all right to produce sounds which were not written in a score. Seeking true things in sound, she shifted to improvised music, which she continues to perform. In addition to improvisation, which is her main focus, she also plays violin and viola in various genres including theater music, recitation performance, bands, and experimental music."

-Ftarri (

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"Takashi Masubuchi: Born 1984. Performs mainly in Tokyo as a guitarist and improviser. Since a teenager he has been a guitarist in various groups, then started performing improvisation in the unit Pelktopia with Hironobu Serizawa, which began around 2008. From 2018 he has concentrated on playing with acoustic guitars.

2018 R, R, R 【Headlights (PT)】 · Disappearing Foliage 【Senri Records (JP)】 Released two solo albums."

-Takashi Masubuchi Website (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. Part 1 31:09

2. Part 2 33:48
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"This CD documents the complete first and second sets (each a little over 30 minutes) of a concert at Ftarri on September 29, 2018, performed by Yasumune Morishige (cello) Yoko Ikeda (viola), and Takashi Masubuchi (guitar), three improvisers active mainly in Tokyo.

The tones produced by the three acoustic stringed instruments are rich and vivid, and the listener can't help but be mesmerized by the interweaving of the sounds. And although the performances are improvised, they're so superbly structured that they could almost be compositions comprised of several movements. You can listen to this recording again and again and always hear something new. This was the first time the three musicians had ever performed together. That first encounter produced a rare masterpiece."-Meena

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