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Lunar Error: Selene (BeCoq)

A rich and building improvisation from this French 10 piece ensemble, using 4 reeds, piano, zither, gangsa gantung, Indian harmonium, harmonium, mixing desk, contact microphones, banjo, objects, electric & acoustic guitars, effects, gong and drums to create a expansive audio universe that owes its sound to free improvisation and Ligeti.

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product information:

Label: BeCoq
Catalog ID: 28
Squidco Product Code: 24210

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard foldover
Recorded at Caesare, CNCM of Reims, France, in September, 2016, by Matthieu Rondeau.


Matthieu Lebrun-clarinets

Mathieu Lilin-baritone saxophone

Gabriel Lemaire-saxophones

Francois Ella Meye-piano, zither

Claude Colpaert-gangsa gantung, Indian harmonium

Thomas Cockerel-harmonium, mixing desk, contact microphones

Leo Rathier-banjo, objects

Paul Menard-electric guitar, effects

Pierre Denjean-acoustic guitar, gong

Quentin Conrate-drums

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track listing:

1. Selene 29:01
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sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"The moon inspires European jazzmen and improvisers. Are the crepuscular times giving matter to creation? We have reason to doubt that the approaches are different. Between the Orchestra Nazionale de la Luna, a marvelous adventure led by four musicians in love with the colors of the night and the Orchester de la Lune, a luxurious and consensual grand adventure in which Didier Havet and Brad Scott intersect?

Virtually none, except one: the moon is scrutinized from the blue planet, to the height of the dreams of men.

To venture on the dusty bristling soil, you must look to Lunar Error; It is not surprising that, It is necessary to count on the BeCoq label and its animator Thomas Coquelet (here at the harmonium and the vocal guide...) to explore hostile lands, or sometimes oxygen is lacking. That's why it takes a short exit, where every gesture counts. The 29 minutes of Sélène, twenty-eighth album of BeCoq describes this exit of the module.

Let us be frank: we only expected this kind of crew.

We had not talked about BeCoq long ago. Not that we were deadlocked, but like any independent label with a strong personality, and it is little to say that the proud gallinaceous Flanders is one, there is need to blow. To prepare.

To foment, even.

We do not, Adventure not on the Moon as we go on a picnic. It takes a seasoned team, accustomed to the topography of the place and to seduce Sélène, luminescent goddess of the Moon. It hangs like a veil on this improvisation of a single stroke, which one can without hesitate put in the family of these orchestras who takes the sounds like living organisms: Systematic Distortion Orchestra, Sean Ali, Carlo Costa Acustica, Lines of Crêtes, and of course Aum Grand Ensemble where we find Julien Pontvianne, from the collective Onze Heures Onze, almost naturally.

Sélène is a step-by-step exploration, sensitive to all sounds and movements, Where the baritone saxophone of Mathieu Lilin and the saxophones of Gabriel Lemaire du Tricollectif ( Machaut, Marcel & Solange, Walabix...) blow a wind that hardly clings to reliefs. It is believed that it is an uncontrolled mass but on the contrary. It is gathering dust. It agglomerates here and there a few instruments, which densify the breath without ever making it ubiquitous.

Pierre Denjean's guitar, Quentin Conrate's drums, and of course the Matthieu Lebrun's clarinets, which, as in Bengalifère or in his previous adventures at BeCoq, have disturbing frequencies, are small vortices that make the progression slow but inexorable.

This is what makes this music so beautiful, and powerful enough. Brilliant in any case like the stoles of Selene and just as attractive. As often with the label's records, the rough and hostile aspect that can occur at the beginning is swept away by the confusion of the senses induced by the amalgamation of the timbres.

A very nice experience."-Franpi, Sun Ship (translated by Google)

Artist Biographies:

"Mainly focused on improv, Quentin Conrate is a drummer active in contemporary music, musical theater and different fields of experimental art. His works are often crossing visual art and sound, dealing with space, sound and movement. Currently working with The Barque (theater & music) a musical theater company by Frédéric Tentelier, he's also writing his own pieces for different projects such as Lunar Error, ensemble of improv / contemporary music in which he's involved. He has a solo CD on Creative Sources in 2015 and a few others with different projects (Wing in Ground Effect, Kaulquappen, Lunar Error and a trio with Thomas Coquelet and Sylvain von iniitu)."


- Regular collaborator of the company La Barque (theater and music) conducted by Frédéric Tentelier.

- Wing in Ground Effect (WiGE) + encounter with Durio Zibethinus
- Aï Suzuki Trio / Mathieu Lilin / Quentin Conrate
- kaulquappen + meeting with Gabriel Lemaire
- f_r_e (field recording together)
- Fast Radio Burst
- Left-Handers
- Lunar Error
- electro-acoustic set with E42 / A8
- rare earth
- duo Colpaert / Conrate



- "That fall around the spring" autoproduit disc, 2012.
- "sekametelisoppa" Creative Sources, 2015.


- kaulquappen, "ater", Editions Berline-Hubert-Vortex, 2014.
- Wing in Ground Effect, BeCoq, 2014.
- Sylvain van iniitu / Thomas Coquelet / Quentin Conrate, "Maneries ramonandi fournellos", Creative Sources, 2017.
- Lunar Error, "Selếnê", Becoq / critical frequencies, 2017
-Janet Bandcamp Site 3/21/2018

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