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Wodrascka / Lacoste: Erythro (Creative Sources)

"The pianist Christine Wodrascka and the percussionist Jerome Lacoste, in forty-eight minutes and thirteen pieces of remarkably well-constructed works, offer a whole panorama of sounds, articulations, vibrations, timbres, crazy pulsatio...

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product information:

UPC: 5609063403770

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs377
Squidco Product Code: 23885

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard foldover
Recorded by Patrick Arpaillange.


Christine Wodrascka-piano

Jerome Lacoste-percussion

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Artist Biographies:

"Christine Wodrascka (born onJune 15, 1957 in Aix en Provence) is a pianist of the French improvised and contemporary music scene, based in Toulouse (France).

Sister of the writer Alain Wodrascka, Christine Wodrascka comes from a Slavo-Provençal family. His grandfather, Charles Rostaing was a French linguist, specialist in French toponymy in general and in Provence in particular.

She started music at a very young age with the classical piano and very quickly turned to the creation of free score pieces for her pleasure. Being able to make music while being completely free was a real eye opener. It was around the age of 20 that she moved to total improvisation, through jazz.

In parallel, Christine Wodrascka did university studies in musicology until obtaining the CAPES in music education.

She obtained a special performance award at the Music Jazz Focus in Bordeaux with the improvised music group Nothing Toulouse, is a winner of the Cap d'Agde jazz competition and composes for the groups she has created since 1992.

Experimental, Christine Wodrascka uses her grand piano as an instrument not only for strings but also for percussion, diving into her piano to strike, rub or stroke the strings with all types of accessories such as a scallop or a wooden rod to express a new language. For Christine Wodrascka, improvised music is both the means of expression closest to her and a true philosophy whose unique and authentic moments she defends.

The duo is his favorite training because it is both intimate and united, while having a precise discourse: play while listening to the other."

-People Pill (France) (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. Shaolin Sl 1:21

2. Reve Il 4:21

3. Erythro 6:21

4. Hokusai 3:55

5. La Pierre Jaune 3:41

6. Manga No 3:54

7. Erichtho 1:39

8. Plu Bailey 6:54

9. Wei Wu Wei 1:42

10. Isa 5:31

11. Ryokan 3:30

12. Mononoke 2:58

13. Taigi 2:50
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"The pianist Christine Wodrascka and the percussionist Jerome Lacoste, in forty-eight minutes and thirteen pieces of remarkably well-constructed works, offer a whole panorama of sounds, articulations, vibrations, timbres, crazy pulsations ... The piano is carefully prepared, filled with objects And hammered beyond the reasonable, its timbres and resonances entangled in the percussive proliferation. After the furious obstinato of the second piece, Shaolin Si, comes the hovering sounds of the cymbals with the bow and the ethereal vibration of a great gong supendu supplemented by the deep rumble of the depths of the great piano. Total symbiosis worthy of the best AMM! The fourth movement, Hokusai, is intended to be mobile, volatile with the keyboard and sharpened with metallic percussions, punctuated by a big drunk and thundering drum. The gestures of the instrumentalists shake literally and make the objects that clutter the piano and the drums resound. The number five, La Pierre Jaune, solicits the violent scraping of the cordiers of the carcass and the expressive and moving sawing of a twisted cymbal resonating on a skin. From a sound point of view, one is thoroughly free music that does not hesitate to put forward the unusual sound possibilities with a real expressive force as did Paul Lytton and Paul Lovens three or four decades ago . What is fortunate is that their duo owes nothing to anyone. They chose to distinguish the sound atmosphere and the musical content for each of the pieces, which are all really successful. Focused on the richness of sounds rather than the articulation of phrases, arpeggios and bearings. We hear voices haunting the frictions of percussion and the creaking of the strings. In the very short 7, Erichtho, it is a delirious harp which asserts itself produced on the strings of the piano. And the next piece brings something new again. Divergent instrumental ensembles are combined and combined with each other, creating a surprise. Inthe end, Erythro is a wonderful album and among the most interesting for the pleasure of listening and discovery. Excellent from start to finish."-Jean-Michel van Schouwburg, Orynx (translated with Google Translate)

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