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Gourdon, Yann / Maxime Petit / Jean-Luc Guionnet: Soli - Fanzine [3 CD + BOOK] (BeCoq)

A strange and bizarrely beautiful "fanzine" of three CDs, one each from hurdy gurdy drone artist Yann Gourdon, bass guitarist Maxime Petite, and Jean Luc Guionnet on organ, with illustration by artists Fredox, Celine Guichard, and 38Fillette; an odd and absorbing package.

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product information:

Hand constructed book with 3 CDs that slide between pages, full color art by Fredox. 155 mm x 248 mm

Label: BeCoq
Catalog ID: None
Squidco Product Code: 23333

Format: BOOK + 3 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: France
Packaging: Book with 3 CDs
CD1 recorded live at the Malterie, Lille France on October 9th, 2013.

CD2 recorded at White Noise Studio in Winterswijk, The Netherlands, on March 23rd, 2015.

CD3 recorded live at Brasseurs, in Liege, Belgium, on October 9th, 2015.


Maxime Petit-bass guitar

Yann Gourdon-hurdy gurdy

Jean Luc Guionnet-organ

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track listing:

CD 1

1. Liege 41:07

CD 2

1. Love Fuck Love 1 14:22

2. Love Fuck Love 2 11:23

CD 3

1. Plugged Inclinations 57:42

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A strange and bizarrely beautiful "fanzine" of three CDs, one each from hurdy gurdy drone artist Yann Gourdon, bass guitarist Maxime Petite, and Jean Luc Guionnet on organ, with illustration by artists Fredox, Celine Guichard, and 38Fillette; and odd and absorbing package.

Hand constructed book with 3 CDs that slide between pages, full color art by Fredox. 155 mm x 248 mm

Artist Biographies:

"Obnoxious bassist since 1984.

Somehow got a degree in philosophy and studied with musicians such as Olivier Benoit, Jean-Luc Guionnet...

Likes to think he's a pop musician, always ends up doing weird stuff.

Has been playing in various free/punk/noise bands, touring french freaks scene extensively.

Also performed at venues/events such as Stadtgarten (Köln), Les Ateliers Claus (Brussels), Incubate (Tilburg), Kill The Silence (Hong Kong), Jack (New York), Cave 12 (Genève), Météo (Mulhouse)........

Has been lucky enough to play with : Will Guthrie, Ava Mendoza, Pascal Comelade, Julien Desprez, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, Lahcen Akil, Daniel Carter, Shane Parish, Jasper Stadhouders, Anaïs Maviel, Bertrand Denzler, Brandon Lopez, Barbara Dang, Brandon Seabrook, Renya Ketoglo, Ron Anderson, Enzo Zbiegiel, Fapy Lafertin, Ryan Oslance, Carlo Costa, Jean-Baptiste Rubin, Adrien Douliez, Frédéric L'homme, Marco Moercant, Pierre Toys, Quentin Conrate, Pierre Denjean, René Aquarius, Otto Kokke...

Artist-in-Residence at La Malterie (Lille)"

-Maxime Petit Website (

As a musician, composer and sound artist I consider the vibratory fields and perception as a medium. My work privileges the observation of acoustic phenomena in dynamic relation with the environment - architecture / landscape.

Together I practice the traditional musics of the Massif Central to the hurdy-gurdy. I approach this practice by listening to collections and conduct a research work on this repertoire within the collective La Nòvia .

Through these different aspects of my work, I deal only with the qualities of sound.

I only consider the work of sound in conjunction with an environment - a landscape or an architecture. My pieces are of an established duration and take the form of autonomous devices in that they do not require the intervention of an interpreter. The process involved reveals latent acoustic phenomena induced by the physical specificities of the sound propagation space.

I work mainly from electronically generated pure tones, feedback or continuous sounds recorded and broadcast by means of amplified systems; Nevertheless there is no question of sound as an object - a loudspeaker, a sound, a listener. It is not enough for the listener to cross a space if his listening is oriented on the narrative object, he must move his attention to the vibratory fields. The device is not a visual pretext legitimizing the plasticity of the piece but is chosen for its qualities to emit sounds. I consider the volumes and the surfaces produced as a new possible place."


Yvan Etienne, Marie Richeux, James Taylor, Laurent Faulon, Jérôme Poret, Boris Achour, Pascal Broccolichi, Jérôme Nœtinger, Eve Couturier, Paul Léandri et l'école d'architecture de Clermont-Ferrand, Haute Ecole d'Art & Design de Genève, Ecole d'Art & Designde St Etienne, Philippe Caillot, Antez, Hervé Boghossian, Clakton Tendring, Eric Cordier, Basile Brémaud, Jacques Puech, les Esprits Solubles, Delphine Gigoux, Lionel Hoche, le Collectif Ishtar, la Douzaine, Guilhem Lacroux, les Brayauds, Frédéric Le Junter, Daunik Lazro, Fréderic Jouanlong, Ryan Kernoa, Agathe Max, Musiques Démesurées, Delphine Reist, Lucia Recio, Jérémie Sauvage, Mathieu Tilly...

FRANCE, depuis 2005,
TOAD, depuis 2006,
VACUUM, depuis 2007,
DUO PUECHGOURDON, depuis 2009,
LA CLEDA, depuis 2011,
LA BARACANDE, depuis 2012,
JÉRICHO, depuis 2012,
LE VERDOUBLE, depuis 2012,
FLUX, depuis 2015, Gourdon Website (

"Jean-Luc Guionnet is an elusive figure. A Parisian artist active in many fields (music, visual arts, cinema), he has mostly worked in electro-acoustics but also has a career in free improvisation, playing alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, church organ, and piano. He has collaborated with Éric La Casa, Éric Cordier, and André Almuro on tape music. His main free improv and jazz projects include Hubbub, Schams, Return of the New Thing, and the Joe Rosenberg quintet.

Guionnet made scientific studies before shifting to fine arts. He studied musique concrete under Iannis Xenakis and Michel Zbar, but also pursued studies in philosophy (esthetics) with Geneviève Clancy. His first works date from the late '80s and are mostly collaborations with filmmaker André Almuro (some have been issued by Ground Fault). Then came a lasting partnership with electro-acousticians Éric Cordier and Éric La Casa. Together they wrote the series "Afflux." Guionnet also produces the Ateliers de Création Radiophoniques ("creative radio workshops") for France Culture. His eclecticism has kept him at bay of recognition -- because to the eye of the press it strips him from some credibility and because running careers in philosophy (he was co-director for the review Terre des Signes from 1993 to 1996), painting (he exhibited from 1992 to 1997), and music simultaneously tends to be time-consuming.

The release of an eponymous CD by Dan Warburton's free jazz quartet Return of the New Thing in 1999 on the respected label Leo Records introduced Guionnet to a wider audience. Since then his activities as an improviser have constantly stretched toward the fringes of experimentalism. His participation in the French-Swiss group Hubbub and his duo with guitarist Olivier Benoit (&Un, 2002) follow the school of Berlin reductionism."

-All Music, François Couture (

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