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Dog Hallucination / Ichtyor Tides : Vergier Begets [CASSETTE] (Bicephalic)

Part of a series of 8 split release cassettes, hand-painted & numbered; Side A is Dog Hallucination (D. Petri) for manipulated guitars, textural element, and organized sound; Side B is Ichtyor Tides (Nikola Akileus) for synthetic ambience, glitches, hazy drones, & field recordings.

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product information:

Label: Bicephalic
Catalog ID: bc020
Squidco Product Code: 21914

Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette


D. Petri

Nikola Akileus

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track listing:


1 Malaise 1-4 14:55


1 Deimonstritus 14:33
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

Side A.
Dog Hallucination
Dog Hallucination is a collaborative process / ritual multi-media (video, sculpture, paint/draw/digital images, performance, and sound) art project between the extremes of D. Petri's meticulous and emotionally flavored editing, mixing, and design proclivities and "Doggy P. Lips"' arrant, gnarled, raw guitar & other sound / aesthetic contributions (at times ridiculous). The sound, for now, centers on heavily manipulated guitars surrounded by other textural elements, constructed with greatly varying degrees of structure or non-structure. Purism of no kind; aesthetically omnivorous. When enough conclusions have been reached, the two will retire permanently from creative work. D. Petri also runs the Aubjects label and writes about misc. things @ Petriblog; both are done intermittently as time allows.

Side B.
Ichtyor Tides : An organic body afloat in a sea of corrupt data and digital detritus

Artwork / Painting by August Traeger

Artist Biographies:

"D. Petri: Producer, editor, engineer, visual artist, photographer, writer, graphic designer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. D. writes about music and other interests @ the Dog Hallucination appendage that is Petriblog."

-Intangible Cat (

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