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Greaves, John / Peter Blegvad / Lisa Herman : Kew Rhone (Recommended Records)

Taking Rock In Opposition into difficult territory, Peter Blegvad and John Greave's song cycle is a perplexing and rewarding album blending literature with rock and jazz forms, performed in an ensemble including Carla Bley and Michael Mantler; an intricate masterwork.

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product information:

Includes a 20 page booklet of lyrics and illustrations

UPC: 752725034623

Label: Recommended Records
Catalog ID: ReR QR1
Squidco Product Code: 20802

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded at Grog Kill Studio, in Woodstock, New York, in October 1976 by Mike Mantler.


John Greaves-piano, organ, bass, vocals

Peter Blegvad-guitar, vocals

Lisa Herman-vocals

Carla Bley-vocals

Vito Rendace-alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute

Andrew Cyrille-drums, percussion

Mike Mantler-trumpet, trombone

Michael Levine-violin, viola

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track listing:

1. Good Evening 0:34

2. Twenty Two Proverbs 4:08

3. Seven Scenes From The Painting "Exhuming The First American Mastodon" By C.W. Peale 3:34

4. Kew. Rhone. 3:05

5. Pipeline 3:42

6. Catalogue Of Fifteen Objects And Their Titles 3:36

7. One Footnote (To Kew. Rhone.) 1:29

8. Three Tenses Onanism 4:07

9. Nine Mineral Emblems 5:52

10. Apricot 3:05

11. Gegenstand 3:49
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"The songs are accessible, but difficult, the music - recorded at Carla Bley and Mike Mantler's studio back in the JCOA days - is eccentric, extremely complex, but still catchy. Bley, Mantler and the legendary Andrew Cyrille all appear on it in arrangements that are pretty off the wall. It's rock, it's jazz, it's a song cycle, it's a one-off hybrid with some traces of Henry Cow and Escalator Over the Hill, it's deep or indulgent, or both - but whichever line of approach you adopt, it's Art.

After the Henry Cow/Slaphappy merger, Peter Blegvad left that band, and John Greaves followed him a year or so later. The two of them then concocted this highly ambitious project - a marriage of high literary ambition full of Ouliposeque anagrams, palindromes, missing letters and wordgames, and meticulous musical complexity rooted in show music, jazz and the fringes of experimental rock. The album design, text and musical content together embody a continuous, integrated, work: so the texts refer to the artwork (both are by Peter Blegvad) and vice versa; neither quite makes sense without the other."

"The classic restored. No extra tracks, just this legendary release as it was originally conceived. Kew Rhone was made soon after Peter and John left Henry Cow, at Carla Bley and Mike Mantler's Grog Kill studio in New York (they both appear on the CD). Fellow conspirators included singer Lisa Herman and drummer Andrew Cyrille. It's one of those records which sums up a moment; a creative moment in which ideas have come into clear focus, and just need to be got down; an historical moment at which an innovative, collaborative run of cultural luck is about to run out. It couldn't have been made earlier or later, we're just lucky it got made at all."-Recommended Records

Includes a 20 page booklet of lyrics and illustrations

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