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Sound artist Roel Meelkop compiles various limited vinyl 7", 10" and lathe cut releases from Korm Plastics and related labels, along with one work made for this release, showing the variety of approaches and concepts Meelkop applies to his fascinating sound work.

Meelkop, Roel
Oude Koeien

Meelkop, Roel: Oude Koeien (Herbal International)

Label: Herbal International    
Released in: Malaysia    

"Roel Meelkop's installation at the first sound art exhibition he organised in 1998, 'just about now', summed this up perfectly: two speakers, a couch, a vase with flowers and an ashtray. Sit back and listen. And maybe most of all: enjoy! I think I first met Roel in 1986, when we were preparing a concert of his band THU20, my band Kapotte Muziek and the odd loner Odal. Bumping into each other after that, at concerts usually, grew steadily into a friendship. When Mailcop became Meelkop, following a hiatus of some years of non-recording (mainly out of lack of good equipment), Roel returned with a great CD for Trente Oiseaux, to be followed by more great works.

I invited him to do a 10" in the Korg Plastics series of music solely made with Korg machines. It was the third and final episode in the series, and the most 'composed' one. Later on he asked me wether he could release a series of 7"s, in which each new 7" was a rework (recycle remix) of the previous one, but for whatever reason now forgotten, it became only a series of two. The final record on Korm Plastics displayed his interest in concepts: taking Jos Smolders' 'Music For CD Player' as the starting point, he recorded two pieces of 99 seconds each (analog to the 99 tracks on the CD) which was pressed on a 5" lathe cut (the size of a CD) with silver foil in the middle (again like a CD, but made as a picture disc). A small work of art. Four great records and because of the fragile character of the music, it deserves to be released on CD. Another fine mark of quality and a great 25th anniversary item."-Frans de Waard

"Roel Meelkop (1963) studied visual arts and art theory at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During a post-graduate course at the same academy he decided to dedicate his work to sound and music. His musical activities date back to the early eighties when he started THU20, together with Jac van Bussel, Peter Duimelinks, Jos Smolders and Guido Doesborg. THU20 have released several tapes and CD's and performed regularly in Europe. The working method of THU20 included many discussions about how to compose and why. This period was crucial in forming his ideas and concepts about sound and how to organise it, but it was not until the mid nineties that he was able to fully realise these ideas. The purchase of a sampler and later a computer radically changed his possibilities of working with sound, offering infinitely more control and freedom. Since then he has worked steadily on a body of work, most of which was recieved enthusiastically in the small but dedicated world of sound art. His other activities include working with Kapotte Muziek and GOEM and organising sound events, mostly in Rotterdam. Aside from releases, Meelkop also creates site-specific sound installations and performance pieces in collaboration with other artists."-Last.FM

Artwork by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek)

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Sound, Noise, &c.
Organized Sound and Sample Based Music
New in Experimental & Electronic Music
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Product Information:

Artwork by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek)

Label: Herbal International
Catalog ID: 1003
Squidco Product Code: 20796

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: Malaysia
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded by Roel Meelkop in Holland.


Roel Meelkop-composer, performer

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Track Listing:

1. Erstes Stuck Im Alten Stil 10:01

2. Echt Dood 7:11

3. (Jos Smolders) 3:23

4. (Riktigt Dod) 8:17

5. (Veramente Morto) 8:11

6. Zweites Stuck Im Alten Stil 6:15

7. (Beequeens) 6:44

8. Drittes Stuck Im Alten Stil 7:14